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Happy day beloved brothers of @Steemchurch and community in general, blessings from on high for all. From @sc-v we work day by day with much love to carry the message of God to every place, promoting solidarity, respect and values focused on the crusade for freedom. This freedom depends on many factors, and among them is economic freedom.

Due to the rapid growth of our community, and the life project that we want to implement in Venezuela, we have proposed to develop a house of change, which will aim to make sbd, steem changes to our local currency, in the same way this platform will promote our SMT "BEATITUDES" which will be called "BEATS".


The graphical interface of the platform is very simple and user friendly, it will be working progressively. We will not use the traditional software method but we will use Clean Room Software engineering as a formal approach to the development of the Software, which results in Software that has a remarkably high quality. The box structure specification (or formal methods) is used for the modeling of analysis and design, and emphasizes the verification of the correction, rather than the verification, as a fundamental mechanism to find and eliminate errors. A statistical utilization check is applied to develop the failure rate information necessary to certify the reliability of the provided Software.

>Cleanroom ideology is a rigorous approach to software engineering. It is a software process model that emphasizes the mathematical verification of the correction, and the certification of the reliability of the Software. The final result is extremely low failure rates, which would be difficult or impossible to achieve using less formal methods. This will guarantee reliability to the user.


From now on it is a good moment to begin the promotion of our SMT "Beatitudes".

Created by @isaacfem


Thank you @Sirknight for your unconditional support, the spectacular team that God has placed in @Sc-v, men and women with talents, compassionate, and willing to give everything to perform the divine purpose: @lorennys, @xiore, @kenaliz85, @mosdad, @marialara, @xioran, @ricci01.

For the design, development and implementation of this project will be made up of:

Project manager: @Darlenys01
Systems analyst: @mildreduh
Programmer Analyst: Erick Sanchez
Software Engineer: @taty17
Design: @emiliocabrera.


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Wow - the talented people of SteemChurch never cease to amaze us mice.

Marching forward every day!


Every day God is adding @steemchurch more thanks, until reaching the purpose for which I created it. Splendid work of @darlenys01 and @sirknight.

Happy to belong to this wonderful team, God is in front of us to fulfill objectives, thank you for trusting in my Apostle Darlenys to bring the logical security of this project.

Thank God for placing these ideas and having a team ready to execute it, thanks @Sirknight and there are no limits for those who believe God.

Definitely, God leads this community to a glorious destiny. Its constancy and performance is admirable. Thank you for sharing these blessings with the community.

excellent initiative, every day our community goes to a great growth with our SMT "BEATITUDES" and now the exchange house "BEATS". Luke 2:52
And Jesus grew in wisdom, in stature and in grace with God and men.

good projects for our community, blessings and good fortune for the apostle Darlenis for her great creativity and leadership.

Sc-v is undergoing tremendous growth, it's really productive bearing forth good fruit everyday, it's really a splendid and amazing growth, so many projects lined up, I must say the grace of God is really sufficient thanks to @sirknight

The one who goes after justice and love find life, prosperity and honor

The future is in the corner.
Set beatitude will change the world.
Long live @sirknight
Long live @steemchurch

Great to see such an amazing initiative on the side of the church. Children of God are going to be financially free which in the end is going to expand the kingdom of God not only on the steem blockchain but even offline, touching lives of men and women in Venezualla and the rest of the world.

Big ups to the great work of God.

It's great to see such an incredible initiative on the side of the church. The children of God will be financially free and, in the end, they will expand the kingdom of God not only in the chain of blocks of the steem, but even out of line, touching the lives of men and women in Venezuela and the rest of the world.
God has Great things prepared for his children, In this way we see the support of God in our lives. God bless you

This is great and wonderful ... God bless you

This is good news, the advances of our beloved SteemChurch Venezuela. Thank God for the whole team. The exchange house is synonymous with freedom. Blessings Apostle Darlenys

Great project, every day moving SC-V, thank God for all these talented people and our leader @sirknight for all the support.

I love the project, a great idea put in their hearts by God, God bless steemchurch.

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This is fabulous, this exchange house is really a good idea.


This is fabulous,
This exchange house is really
A good idea.

                 - marcelo182

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

Guao, Guao ... I have always said it: with great things you will answer us in justice, God of our salvation, hope of (steemchurch) and of all the terms of the earth. Thanks to the eternal for this initiative to have this house of exchange, to be able to exchange Beats, our God is exceptionally good. God bless this great project, our apostle @darlenys, this great team. our leader sirknight. God bless you venezuela. STEEMCHURCH is a powerful reality of the kingdom of God.

Spectacular project @ sc-v and its apostle @darlenys. this is great, tremendous initiative. May God continue to bless your life, that great team that accompanies you, the Sirknight Leader and all those who live in this beautiful community. Thank God for placing such a brilliant @darlenys project in your mind. God will do wonders and wonders through this community.

That's good, I'm really glad about the giant steps and each of the achievements that are reaching. Thank you for the support you are offering, seeking every time that excellence leaves its mark on this platform.

The final result is extremely low failure rates, which would be difficult or impossible to achieve using less formal methods. This will guarantee reliability to the user.

That's exactly what we were lacking. To have low rate, now I can boldly say this great project will go a very long way in helping combact the financial problem and reduce it if not eliminating it completely. @sc-v is really growing and impacting lifes as well.


this is a wonderful project, a house of change for @sc-v, all the support for this great work, without a doubt when God is in the matter we grow in a vertiginous way.

Wow! this is wonderful @sc-v, a house of exchange where we can exchange. Beats! I like this name. God bless the whole team.