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Blessings brothers of @Steemchurch,

Several days ago I was in a process of illness, there was a physical breakdown that perhaps at that moment I did not understand, then I realized that when our emotions, feelings are dominated by the Holy Spirit, it is not revealed the designs of the Kingdom, Those codes that will change lives. This has happened when God brought me the social program "bread from heaven", he has let me know the impact it will have on our society, not only in Venezuela but in the world, it will be the spearhead for many communities in the world.


We have understood that we can not go to bed to mourn for the unfortunate of the world, when we have been given all the tools to overcome. One of the things that struck me was to hear God say: Faith is in the now, you can not ask me anything and to think that it will not arrive soon, that would be hope, if you take a step of faith, I will give twenty (20). Those words whispering in my ear was enough to see what's coming in the next few months.

We have no idea what God is capable of doing when he finds righteous people and that they believe him until the last consequences, that they risk everything to please him.

God is calling us in a powerful way, is accelerating the times, and respelling his children in miracles, wonders and signs. For him there is nothing impossible.

The @sc-v team is grateful to @SirKnight for this show of love for our people, we will do everything in our power to make this beautiful life project a reality, and fulfill its purpose, to show that God still He is on his throne, and extends his hand to everyone who fulfills his will. The Church of the Lord must go to the height and dimension where God wants to place us, we must understand that in the face of more spiritual height, more authority, government and vision, we will be like those who shine, we will listen and we will see the things that are about to happen, for that reason we must understand this purpose.

We invite the whole community to participate unanimously and begin to work on this blessing. God knows the needs and will respond according to our faith.

This is a greater commitment with God, with our neighbor, we know that with our own strength we will achieve nothing, it is by his grace and mercy that we achieve dreams.

Congratulations to our brother @emiliocabrera, he has been very supportive for @ sc-v.!

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The A Dollar A Day charitable giving project.


By this everyone will know that you are my disciples, if you love one another.” John 13:35 (NIV)

For this reason, it is very important to help children in difficult circumstances and abandonment here in Venezuela. Since it is known that, without affection, affection and dedication, but above all the love that can be given to the child, surely could not get ahead, be independent and contribute positively to society.

Service to man is service to God @steemchurch let us go in with all our strength and ensure that we put smiles on the faces of these needy children of Venezuela


We @sc-g see this project to be a divine project, let the world join hands,make the unmake and do the undo. We as one body are matching with the help of God to put an end to this misfortune.

Many children need a helping hand and I believe that, in steemchurch and @sc-v, they will find that help. Blessings sister!


Excelente, apostol @darlenys01, estoy muy emocionada por mirar ese gran ministerio que Dios te ha entregado, definitivamente mi alma agradece al Dios infinito, por mis ojos mirar el anhelo de mi corazón. Gran proyecto, dispuesta a colaborar en lo que sea necesario, gracias por nuestro amigo SK, por ser solidario con nuestra nación, por todos los que hacen vida en este gran equipo y finalmente gracias por la elección de nuestro amado hermano @emiliocabrera.
¡Gracias infinitas eterno Dios!

Bread of heaven is great initiatives and this will not only have impact in Venezuela but to the rest of the world. This is true definition of love and we must all support with all our hearts.

God will continue to bless and empower @darleny01 and @sirknight

excellent work God bless your hands.

#heavenbread is indeed a divine project and I see God involved in it bring succor to the children of Venesuela. God bless @Sirknight and @Darlenys01 for this.


Very comprehensive project indeed. Keep it up, I am following you!

Many congratulations for such a wonderful work, God bless you and guide you always in the proposed goals following your path of love, support, faith, hope of life and peace. A thousand blessings to @ sc-v, @steemchurch, @emiliocabrera, @ darleny01, @sirknight.

Hello greetings sc-v
Matthew 19:14 Reina-Valera 1960
But Jesus said: Let the children come to me, and do not stop them; because of such is the kingdom of heaven.

In the Lord keep blessing him fill you with great health today tomorrow and always.

Excelente amigo, me alegra, que siga creciendo y bueno que Viva Venezuela

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