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Greetings to everyone at steemchurch. We thank the Lord for all the great works He doing through our wonderful parishioners at Steemchurch.

We announced to the church about our project: a great project intended support to pupils in the deprived areas who are often neglected and are not equipped with basic necessities needed for their education.

This a great vision the Lord has placed on our heart, to reach out and be of help to many who are facing challenges that often restrain them from having quality education.

The aim for this project have been stated clearly:

• To Help needy students or pupils to get access to free education in the country.

• To Support schools in deprived areas with educational materials.

• To host educational programs intended to fight against child labour, child abuse by parents.

• To work with the educational authorities, government, media houses to see how best some major challenges facing pupils in basic and second cycle institutions can be addressed and dealt with.

You can visit our previous post Steemchurch Education Support Project SESP for more information.

Our duty to our community is to give back what we have received or benefited, therefore we have made it our aim to support people who are in deprived areas and are experiencing challenges one way or the other in their education.

When the steemchurchghana visited two schools last week we discovered both major and minor challenges that often impede the pupils from having proper or quality education.

The first school our team visited was Maaban Presby School located at Tepa-Kumasi in Ahafo North District, and the second was Anansu Primary School at Sekyeree Central District, Ashanti Region.


pupils at Maaban Presby School



@bigssam with pupils at Anansu Presby Primary School

The situation at these schools were indeed pathetic and very appalling. Pupils in the lower primary had to share few chairs around coupled with limited textbooks and exercise books.

These are some of the story books used but wasn't enough for everyone in the class.


These little kids had to manage the few chairs, and they are clearly barriers to effective learning and proper concentration.
By God's grace we have some of these materials we think will be needful and helpful to curb the situation.

The steemchurchghana is visiting Maaban Presby School on 22nd June to support the school with educational materials we found to be lacking in the school.

The freedom we have found under the leadership of @sirknight will not just end on the blockchain but to every place where we have Steemchurch.

We will not be weary in doing good for we know we will be rewarded in due time. We still count on your support for more greater works.

God Bless You All


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I really commend the effort of @sc-g and #team for touching lives outside blockchain .more grease to your elbow

I am the Great Cornholio! Would you like to see my portfolio? I have a portfolio in my bunghole, with my óleo!

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An investment in knowledge is never a waste and always pays the best interest. This is indeed a great initiative that I believe will touch the lives of many people and liberate them from many challenges they face it school. I pray that it touches the heart of many generous whales like @stellabelle, @hr1, @surpassinggoogle @nanzo-scoop and all christians groups so they may also I support the crusade for free by our great leader @sirknight

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Well said @collinz, we still welcome everyone who wants to join us in this crusade for freedom in the order of @sirknight. It's good to have you at @sc-g

Steem will not just feed the world but also build a stranger and a better nation nice project @sc-g

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Steem will help transform lives, thanks for your effort @bigssam

As I commented the previous time, I love your project and I think that together we can do great works, Christ said that even greater things that we would do in his name, God is wonderful and has put in your heart this work of charity and this means that will be carried out in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ. We will pray for provision in all areas for children, starting with a better physical structure, chairs, appropriate boards, school materials and technology equipment such as mini laptop. God is the owner of gold and silver and in our hands is the power to see it come true, together we form the body of Christ in its totality, imagine what limit there is in Jesus?

We really appreciate your support, well wishes and prayer for the church. Thank you and God bless you dear @michellechristie

I have a Ghanian friend, they are oh so caring, understanding and giving.
well done, i say again : well done and may God bless you for your kindness towards those children.

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Our dream is to see a smile on each child at school face,that is why @sc-g is embarking on this project....We owe our gratitude to God and @sirknight for establishing @sc-g which has given birth to this project...
God bless @s sc-g for changing life through blockchain

Putting smiles the faces of the needy, that's what this project stands for, we will surely do more and show to the world the love of Christ. Thanks for your effort @odsam2

SESP is a beautiful project that will not only put smiles on the faces of these children, but will leave a lasting imprint of wanting to succeed in their academics on them.

Weldone @sc-g
God bless you.

Thank you and God bless you more @adedoyinwealth

You are welcome.

the STEEMCHURCH EDUCATION SUPPORT PROJECT(SESP) is an amazing scheme that will really facilitate the progress of education at the grassroot level, I really see potential in this scheme and steemchurch Ghana has taken a bold step in being a fore runner of empowering student, @bigssam posing there with the kids shows solidarity, support and also love, I believe with the help of the knight, you will be covering the whole region of Ghana very soon, amazing job here

SESP is indeed a great project that will require more resources and we have taken it upon ourselves to help in anyway we can and we count on your support to do more. Thanks for seeing great possibilities that the project will bring to many @josediccus

Helping the poor and the needy in the Steemchurch education support project is actually a bold step in the right direction by sc-g.We are 100% behind this project

Thanks for pledging your support for the church, It's good to work with you @johnsonkoranteng

Every day I am happy to see the advances of steemchurch, I admire the leadership that our mentor Sirknight has chosen to undertake, train and develop activities in all areas. God bless Ghana and all the steemchurch team that is working with effort and dedication.

Amen! and God bless you more @emiliocabrera

Great vision, we ought to indeed reach to these children and help them in every way we can, they are the future after all

Investing in their education is the best thing we can do for them, thanks @nattybongo, it's good to have you @sc-g

The children are our future leaders. We, therefore, need to help them any little way we can. An honest effort and support can purport them to higher level on the education ladder. Hence, this project is very vital and applaudable.

Thanks for being part of @sc-g

Thanks for steemchurchghana for embarking on this lovely programme(SESP), for it is said "those who open their arms will never lack". For the God will always grant you the spirit of donating and out of this your returns will be measured and overflow.

Amen! thanks @oppongk

This is a great initiative And we at must all support this at @steemchurch, I love this, like we should follow the legacy of our leader @sirknigh to help the needy, is only God that can repay your kind gesture

God will surely reward us for all the good works done @steemchurch and will bless our great leader @sirknight

This is a nice initiative. Children all over the world really need qualitative education. And @sc-g has chosen to take a lead in Ghana with this laudable project.
kind regards.

Thank you @degreatmyke, we will all work together to make it come true

wao really this I like blessings and successes

Thank you @carolina17

God bless @sirknight

Amen!! and bless you too @henryyeboah

This is very commendable