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It was a fully loaded well arranged and organized skills acquisition training held in papal ground kubua, Abuja, Nigeria. The skills acquisition training started at about few minutes past 11, although the program was schedule to start by 10am, but due to some logistics it had a little delay and so it was unable to commence at the already stipulated time on the fliers or publicity.

The skills acquisition training exercise is an idea of some dedicated parishioners on this blockchain put together to train and empower individuals to becoming resourceful and self employed as an entrepreneur
in a given society.

just in case you might want to know the power house and the sponsor of this great empowerment, it is non other than our very own. I call him the true army of light.
and he is @sirknight

behold the true army of light @sirknight


  1. Setting up a fish farm
  2. Setting up a poultry farm


The training was centered more in the aspect of fish farming. we were trained on how to set up and start our own little scale fish farm even as a student. We had full time to ask so many questions and answers were given each questioned asked at the training venue. The resource person was so much on point at the top of his game as he was able to impact on all who were present for the training.

here are the photos of our facilitator


Light refreshment was made available at the end of the training by @fatherfaith.
I really would love to use this medium to appreciate and commend his effort towards the success of this great skills acquisition training. And also to our very own, @adedoyinwealth for her untiring effort and ever zealous attitude put towards this great event.

Indeed it was a great and a memorial training held at papal ground, Abuja.

My gratitude goes to the true army of light @sirknight

On this note, I want to thank all of you that would be reading this post.
@Steemchurch is the hope of the future and the future is now, why not join us today!


Wow this is really awesome!!!
Would have loved to participate.

Indeed it was an awesome training.
Thank you for reading

this is great, you are doing a great job, I think I saw in this publication the apostle Owoblow?

Thank you so much @marcelo182.
It was a wonderful training and my sincere appreciation goes to the true army of light @sirknight for powering this program.

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