What will count as your achievement for God in the last ten years..?..#10yearschallenge

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The time is moving unstoppably, so is our age get accumulating and drawing us closer to our grave, what shall we meet our saviour with, shall we meet Him with an empty hand, or tell Him stories of how we couldn't overcome temptations on our way?

The Bible says; out of the abundant of the heart, the mouth speaks.
Reading posts on one of the trending topic; "ten years challenge!".. This topic demands that you show your improvement or achievement for the past ten years, but I am baffled by the responses I read concerning people's approach to this trending, gave me insight to what and where the world is heading to.

It's pathetic and a situation that demand an urgent attention... When an important issue or question is asked, and someone who claim a Christian plays it, that literary shows your focus..

My Thoughts about the 10Years Challenge

I didn't notice anything was going on until someone sent me a picmixed picture of hers showing when she was very small and her current growth status pictorially.

According to her, it was for the ten years challenge. She narrated the idea and it sounded socially fascinating.
I usually don't have time for trends like this because I'm always busy looking for what will bring out fulfillment from my existence! This is not to say that I don't have a sound social life. You can ask those who know me. They'll tell you I'm socially amazing!
But, I've also been worried!
In ten years, a newly born baby should be in secondary school. What class was your relationship ten years ago and have you left emotional pre-teen?
A fresher in University studying medicine should have MBBS in ten years under the worst ASUU tenure.
What class were you ten years ago spiritually, morally, mentally and which of the degrees in character, integrity and learning have you attained?
In ten years, have you added weight to your lifestyle of faith? Have you gained height but lost depth? Have you made money but lost your value?
Have you developed in colour but decayed in content? Are you getting fat but missing relevant facts?
Paul the Apostle said, when he became a man, he put off childish things. What childish things have your partner and parents been complaining about for over ten years and you've not outgrown them? Those are the burdens of my heart!
Even though we chose to look back to time, ten years should afford us the opportunity to reflect aback and check if we've been making progress as better people or otherwise. There is no way your pictures after ten years can beat the brighter structures you've built after ten years!
It is your structures that gives your pictures beauty.

The question is not about the Ten years challenge. My concern is, after this past ten years, DO YOU HAVE SENSE?

Even as we reflect backward, let's remember to plan for the future. The past is gone. All you have is TODAY and a Promised Future!

Many abbreviation used in this post is curled from Nigeria's settings!....
All i want to sound here is misplacement of priorities as a child of God.


It's a good question @princluv, having a clear vision of the future makes us live every day with expectations.



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