Anointing of The Messiah - Full Video

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Presenting The Lord of Lords and King of Kings,
The Messiah Christ Ra-El.

Anointed by the Prophet Elijah on Sunset Purim 2019
in fulfilment of prophecy.


Here are the facts...

  • Rabbi Chaim Kanievsky said that the Messiah would appear on Purim. He did.

  • Rabbi Glazerson found a Torah Code saying the Messiah would be anointed on Purim. He was.

  • Glazerson also found a Torah Code saying Elijah would anoint the Messiah. That happened.

  • Multiple Torah Codes discovered identifying the Prophet Elijah.

  • Multiple Torah Codes discovered confirming Ra-El (RayEl) as the Messiah.

I also corroborated Glazerson's findings and discovered that RayEl would be anointed by Elijah on Purim at sunset, as per my previous posts.

The announcement by Cardinal Joseph.


Forever live King Ra-El!

nice buddy

Absolutely, the best day in human history!

Forever live King Ra-El!

This is truly so incredible and prophecy is fulfilled!

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