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Some years ago,a Ghanaian based industrialist received a package when the ambassador of one of the European countries invited him for breakfast at the country's embassy.

On getting to the embassy ,the industrialist met a team of businessmen from the European country.They were in Ghana to perfect plans for an investment in minning.They told the ambassador that they wanted someone who was not only knowledgeable in the area,but also trustworthy.

The industrialist was called upon by the ambassador because of his past good character in life and business.

A lesson from the above life changing story ,tells us that it is important to build your career and your character as well together.
Experts say that in the pursuit of professional breakthroughs,you lose more than you think you gain if you leave character behind.

Shun all the temptations to cut corners.Don't sell substandard goods !Don't make promises you cannot keep!Don't break government rules! Don't borrow what you cannot pay back!


Strictly follow the ethics of your profession! Be fair on competition ! Never forget that integrity will open doors for you and your children because is the best collateral in life , business and ministry.

Hear David Balsiger;"You can always tell what a man is ,by what he does when no one is looking over his shoulders."

Life shouldn't be only pursing after your career but also building your character.

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Life is not all about career building but character plays a great role , therefore it is an awesome responsibility to build it....thanks @odsam2

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Thanks for the advice. It's timely and very important to me personally