We had finished exams and time for sandwich students to start coming.

My Mum who was a sandwich student called and told me she was coming to School.
We where both Schooling in the same university.

When she arrived, I went to pick her up and we got talking.

One of the topics we where discussing was what I wanted to do with my life.

My Mum is a very meticulous woman, She gives careful attention to details. Once She is talking with you, you dare not lie to her. Even if you do, She will know but will just smile about it. To her Jesus Christ has not really affected your life to the extent of destroying the spirit of lies in you.

I knew there was no way I would lie to her about what I wanted to do with my life.

I told her that I want to become a preacher of the Gospel. I have had similar conversation with my Dad earlier. My Dad was careful not to discourage me but did not want me to get involved with the ministry.
He had his reasons and clearly they where legitimate ones. Nobody will go through what he went through in ministry and would want to remain with such an organisation.

My Parents where both clear on what they wanted for me, and that is "we don't want you to be a poor Preacher".

Avoiding poverty was paramount in their opinions about my desire to join the ministry.

My Mum looked me straight in the eyes that day and told me, John I don't want you to be a poor Preacher, have you heard!?, you must do something else to support your ministry. I don't want you to be a beggar.

If you must join the ministry, you must have enough money to take care of your family.
When we finished our discussion, She gave me all the goodies She brought for me and I saw her off to where She would be staying for the entire period.

Avoiding poverty kept ringing in my heart after then. It was as if the time my family had to go to bed hungry and wake up hungry and still not have hope for food for the day kept flashing through my mind.

Some days we turned hunger into adhoc prayer and fasting.

Many of you don't know what ministers go through. Someone may advice you to stop giving the genuine ones your tithe. Its ok, after all it is your money so you can do with it as you please. I just wish that you become a minister yourself, maybe by then you'll understand the value of tithe.

I started working vigorously on how to prepare myself for the future.
The first thing I did was to stop eating breakfast, eat junk in the afternoon and then eat a rich dinner.

The pocket money I saved from my feeding money I used them to buy books.

By the time I was leaving the University, I had over 1000 hardcopy books in my name.

I read most of them. My knowledge grew and my fears of poverty disappeared.

I spent hours developing myself, obviously my academics was affected but it was a risk I was willing to take.

I subjected myself to long hours of prayers and fasting and the anointing of God in my life burned like an unquenchable flame. To the extent that by my final year, I was already been invited to preach outside Nigeria.

At some point pocket money was not regular so I depended on honorarium's I receive during my preaching engagements.

I horned my skills, My Mum contacted my Sunday School teacher to get me a laptop. With that laptop I taught myself computer programming, Leadership, Business, Investments, Public Speaking, Ministry administration etc.

Thanks to the free internet connection in University at that time.

Are you a Preacher or are very interested in joining the ministry. You need to understand that ministry is serious business.

Ministry can not tolerate laziness. It is very dangerous to cut corners in ministry. You will destroy yourself in ministry if what motivates you is money.

When you boost and promote yourself in ministry, you are preparing yourself for a shameful downfall.

You must discover yourself in ministry, everything about ministry is not prophecy.

You miss Gods calling upon your life when you follow the current trend in ministry.

How have I survived all the hardship associated with ministry. I have survived because I took my Grand mothers advice.

"do not be weary in well doing"

She said that to me before she died.

Be rest assured, all that you will go through in ministry are designed to refine you and they is a reward waiting for you at the end of the line.

If you are going to listen. Avoid poverty, but it does not include looking for diabolic powers but a call to develop yourself.
Thank you!
And stay blessed.

I love you and I mean it.


keep posting such contest what a brief mindblowing writeup keep it up follow and upvote

What an amazing write up. Indeed God will bless you in all your endeavour, just keep the good work going , and you will see the blessings of the lord in your life.

Thanks so much.
Stay blessed forever.

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