Does God respond to my prayers and cries?

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The blessing of God, all powerful creator of heaven and earth, is upon all of you: @steemchurch @ @sirknight.

God is that loving father who cares and guides his children with all his love and protection, is attentive to give you gifts and grant petitions. You have to know that there will never be a father like God in the world.

But you must remember that as a good Father you know what is the exact moment to reward your children. Do not despair. Why hurry if your time and your times are perfect? He knows when to give the gifts and also knows when to give them.


My enemy, Satan does not want me to give myself to the Lord. He hates God and he hates me. He may say to me: "Do not give your life to the Lord, if you do, He will force you to do difficult things that you do not want to do". But Satan is a liar.

Do not grieve or be sad, nor much less angry with God, when he says (NO) does not do it for evil or because you do not have the resources to give you what you ask. Remember that he is the King of Kings and Lord of Lords. The owner of gold and silver.

Do not even think that you are not important to God, he cares a lot. Remember that he is the owner of: love, wisdom, wealth, health, joy, power, growth.


God loves you even more than your earthly father, and fight for you with whoever he was.


"I ask you to help me live a life of love and service for You so that I will not be ashamed on that day that I come face to face with You in heaven."

Do not tire of praying with him, of showing him your heart, he opens the spiritual door, let him pass that he will answer your prayers and prayers with fullness and joy.

Do not tire of praying and thanking every day. Create your own prayer habits. Make it as if it were one more task: how to comb, or dress.

My testimony:

My Father has done for me things that nobody would do, he takes care of me, he listens to me and he is always with me. My prayers give me that encouragement to keep going, my Faith is strengthened. This is a spiritual joy that nobody takes from me, nobody takes away what God gave me, nor the devil.

"Lamp is my word and light for my path"

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God is always with us in the dark nights, in the days of trials, when the weeping touches us, is to console us, says a song that the flow of the rivers to his love will take us.


Amen sister. God is a source of life, love, peace, consolation. We should not fear.