How to grow papaya at home

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The Papaya Cultivation is very productive, entertaining and prosperous.


It is a tree native to Central America.Papaya is an accelerated growth plant, with a simple stem, although sometimes it is branched, its approximate height is 2-10 meters high, its trunk is smooth, straight, cylindrical, juicy hollow and gray in color, its approximate diameter is from 10 to 30 cm. And hard because of the presence of very remarkable scars.

But the best thing is that it is very easy to grow in the yards of our homes. A papaya tree grows so fast that one year after planting it, it should be bearing fruit.

Because of the sharp shape in which it grows it does not take up much space. In addition, each papaya tree usually yields so many fruits that it will not give you time to try them all.

The papaya tree is of short duration, meaning that it dies after 5 to 6 years of life.

So it is important to do a new planting every year to replace those who complete their cycle.

Due to its exquisite fruit it is also known as papaya, papaya, papaya, melon stick or fruit pump. This fruit is rich in vitamins A, C and in potassium.

Ideal climate

Being a tropical plant we must already understand that he likes the sun, the humidity in the environment and the warm climates. Because its stem and roots are quite soft, it is not a plant that can withstand frosts or excessive cold.

It can withstand winds and droughts, but it is not ideal. Especially during its initial development. It can also grow in the shade, but it may not bear fruit or be juicy.


When it comes to land, the papaya tree is easier than the zero table. This is a tree that is not very demanding. However, being a fruit tree and imagining that what you want is to give you the best fruits, it is important that you provide a fertile ground.

Before planting your tree, amend the land with organic compost. You can also mix it with humus (organic material processed by earthworms). Apart from being a fertile ground, try to be a deep, loose and well drained. That he does not believe in puddles because this can rot the roots.


Humidity is of the utmost importance for most fruit trees of tropical origin. And papaya is not the exception. The soil should be kept lightly moist especially in the first months of growth. Once adult this tree can endure some droughts.

When it is established you can water deeply every two weeks. If the land is good and contains organic material, it will maintain the necessary humidity until the next irrigation.

Steps for planting papaya at home


1-Prepare the soil, choose potting soil that is rich in nutrients, you can also make your own soil with garden soil and compost to drain well.
Prepare the seeds that you use, you can use the ones that you take out of some fruit or those that you buy in a special place. Place the seeds in a sieve to break the part that covers them but be careful to break the seed, wash them and then let them dry very well to proceed with the cultivation.

2-It's time to plant the seeds, you can do the direct cultivation in your garden or you can plant them in pots and then transplant them but this is a risk because you can mistreat them. Place the seeds one cm below ground and with five cm of distance between each one.

3-Water the plant well after it is planted, but without soaking it, you have moderate irrigations every time you see that the humidity of the earth decreases.
Passed about five weeks after you plant, some seeds will germinate. Check which are the best and start the transplant process.

4-Dig a deep hole so that the roots are not affected by the rains or floods. Grow the plants three meters away from other plants.
Place compost or organic fertilizer in the soil that you took to make the hole and then apply this soil to the planting.

5-Apply fungicide to prevent them from getting sick.

6-It is necessary that you have care after sowing, apply fertilizers once every two weeks.

7-In the moment after sowing you can water them 3 or 4 times a week, no more.

8-You will know that your fruits are ready when they have reached the maturity you want. If you want them to finish ripening inside the house, you can harvest them when the color of the milky one is between green and yellow.


Papaya is an amazing fruit as it present so many vitamin to the body, and we @farms is more than pleased to have come across this post on how to grow papaya on our homes.


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