The best place in the world, at the feet of the Savior

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The highest place a person can be is at the feet of the Savior. It is there where we find refuge for our souls in the journeys through the enchained seas of life. It is there where we find security for our hearts, before the terrors that scare us. It is there that we find an inexhaustible source of joy, although tears roll bitterly down our face. This great truth of the Christian life can be seen, eloquently, in the life of Mary, sister of Martha and Lazarus. She only appears three times in the Gospel record, but in the three in which she appears, she is at the Savior's feet.

First, at the feet of the Savior to listen to His teachings (Lk 10.39). Jesus is in his house. He was a friend of the family. Marta is agitated from one side to the other, taking care of the chores of the house, while Mary remains at the feet of Jesus, hearing the teachings. Marta is disturbed by her sister's inertia. Pray then Jesus to interfere in the case and order Mary to leave her comfortable position, to help her in the domestic affairs. Far from Jesus reprimanding Mary, he rebukes Martha, saying: "Martha! Martha, you are anxious and worry about many things." However, little is necessary or only one thing: Mary, therefore, chose the good part, and this one it will not be taken away from him. " The best part is to be at the feet of Jesus. The best school is to learn at the feet of the Savior. Communion with Christ is more important than work for Christ. First we must delight in Him and then serve Him. The Lord comes before his work. Life with Jesus precedes work to Jesus.

Secondly, at the feet of the Savior to seek consolation for the pains of our soul (Jn 11.32). The pain of mourning had reached the beloved home of Bethany. Lazarus fell ill and died. Jesus was warned, but he only arrived four days after the friend's burial. The tears were copious. The pain was immense. The crying was uncontained. Jesus arrives in Bethany and sends for Mary. She goes to meet him and prostrates herself at his feet, now to cry. Jesus was moved and also wept. He ordered the stone from Lazarus' tomb to be removed and holed his voice into him and ordered him: "Lazarus, come out." The dead heard His voice. Lazarus was resurrected. Life triumphed over death. Joy swept Maria's face tears. The pain was struck from his heart. Jesus dried his tears and brought the miracle of life inside his house. It is at the feet of the Savior that our pains are treated. It is at the feet of the Savior that an inexhaustible source of life and peace springs forth.

Third, at the feet of the Savior to honor him for his glorious deeds (Jn 12.3). Mary is once again at the Savior's feet. Now, bringing an alabaster glass with half a liter of precious perfume of pure nard, evaluated in more than three hundred denarii. She pours all that weird and expensive perfume on Jesus' head and then wipes her feet with her hair. She wants to express her gratitude. She did the best for the Master. He gave him sacrificially that perfume that was being prepared for his wedding. Despite being misunderstood, even by the disciples of Jesus, calling waste of the prodigality of his love, Mary did not back down on his pretext of gratitude, because he had as his only vector of action the purpose of pleasing only his Lord. Maria did the right thing to the right person, at the right time, despite the criticism.

What she did, in the recess of a humble house, in the small city of Bethany, has been proclaimed by the eirates of history and was trumpeted in the ears of the world. She placed at the feet of Jesus all that she possessed, the best that she possessed, and that in a generous and sacrificial way. At the feet of the Savior it is the best place in the world to prostrate and worship. At the feet of the Savior it is the best place in the world to express our sincere gratitude for His gracious interventions in our life and in our family. At the feet of the Savior it is the best place in the world to offer Him the fruit of our gratitude and our consecration, so that these actions reverberate in history and impact future generations.

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