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Wonderful community of Steemchurch are all blessed, today meditate with my family about the people who visit us and those we take home and we come to the conclusion that not all are convenient, nor all have good intentions to us. However there is a guest who is my special.


Suppose you come home today to meet someone in your family in shock, on the verge of death. Imagine that there is no way to eliminate the patient, nor time to call a doctor. What would you do?

I know that this image is terrifying, but that is exactly what happened to the Apostle Peter.

But she was lucky, because, not knowing that her mother-in-law was sick, she took Jesus home after they had walked together for a whole day:

"When Jesus came to Peter's house, he saw the mother-in-law of this man bedridden and feverish, but Jesus took her hand and the fever left her." She got up and began to serve him. In the afternoon, they brought to him many who were possessed by demons, and he simply with the word expelled the spirits and healed all those who were sick, so that what was spoken through the prophet would be fulfilled


He himself took our diseases and carried our diseases. "Mt 8.14-17

At a time when any fever or infection used to mean death, at a time when there were no laboratory tests, antibiotics or good remedies, Jesus was there, even without being called to do so. And he, in his love and compassion, saved that woman's life.

Someone can say: "Today is different, today there are doctors, ambulances, laboratories and medicines". It is true that the current health system remains precarious, but without a doubt, current medicine is much better than the previous one, but on the other hand, the disease has never killed or been invalidated by so many people in the world. The human race has never been so sick.


Do like the apostle Peter: LEAVE JESUS ​​TO THE HOUSE!

You may not know it yet, but there may be some sick people in your home. And I do not mean only physical illnesses, but also psychological and spiritual illnesses.

I am sure, with all my heart, that if you take Jesus home, He will do wonders, because Jesus blesses any place you enter, and in your home it will not be different.

Take it to the house and you will have pleasant surprises. See what he did in the house of the apostle Peter:

Jesus healed the sick of the house.

Maybe there is a sick person in your house. Someone depressed, addicted to chemistry, sick, discouraged, unhappy, lonely, possible suicide ... Save your sick: take Jesus home!

Jesus transformed the house of Peter.

Pedro's house was "lighter", more full of life and joy. I know you like your house, just as I like mine, because there is no better place in the world than us, right? But could not your house be even better? Could not your home be that special place where friends, neighbors and relatives come to ask for prayer and advice, or to seek consolation when they are suffering?

Answer honestly: Do all members of your family like to stay at home or "live on the street"? Does not your house go like this, "half loaded"? Take Jesus home; It will transform your home!

Jesus fulfilled a biblical prophecy inside the house of Peter.

In 550 BC, Isaiah prophesied that the Messiah would come healing, saving and delivering. For 550 years the world knew this promise, but can not benefit from it. But Peter, taking Jesus home, had the great privilege of witnessing the fulfillment of this wonderful promise of God.

Jesus was not nailed to that horrible cross: he is alive and wants to live in his house, he wants to be there 24 hours a day, he wants to bless you and his family. If you take it home, you will see that the biblical promises are fulfilled in your life and in the lives of the members of your family.


As in your soul, mind and heart. Through their actions, at every opportunity.

Have children? Tell them the stories of the Bible at bedtime. Is there someone sick? Sit next to the bed and pray with him. Someone can not sleep, are you anxious? Explain what Jesus can do for him. Show the love of God through your way of life. Show your family that Jesus is life, peace and joy.


God be praised!


When Jesus arrives at home, something happens. When our visit is Jesus Christ, everything changes. The words of Jesus, the love of Jesus, the tremendous power that Jesus radiates, upon entering our house, blesses and transforms them.

This is what happened with Zacchaeus, that tax collector and usurer who, being a Jew, served the Roman Empire. This man with a hard heart, greedy and without scruples, was reached by the love of the Savior and from that day, everything changed for him.

Jesus wants to occupy our lives. We must deliberate in receiving Him and allowing Him lead our thoughts, words and actions.

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