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Greetings, dear brother of Steemchurch it is a pleasure to greet you...

The Word was not placed inside a box and hidden so that only a few people could find it, the message of the Cross was placed inside our hearts and it is up to each of us to present it to those who do not yet know it.

Evangelism has been a forgotten theme today, we are repeatedly preoccupied with temple activities that we forget to play the true purpose of the church, not to underestimate in any way ecclesial tasks, misinformed about God's amazing grace, and we have to "set the world on fire" with it.

Evangelism is a constant action of the Christian, any minimal opportunity we must seize to enter with the plan of redemption of humanity.

Evangelism is much more than going out on the streets with "beautiful posters" that leave the ego of man up there with hierarchs like: "God will give you material blessings", "God wants to improve his service", "With Jesus he does not have the problem, he helps you in everything".

People in the world of the church in cells already know that the most effective way to evangelize is through the evangelism of friendship. After all, research has consistently shown that most converts come through a friend or relative. Therefore, cell evangelism is most effective when cell members invite the people with whom they are most frequently in contact and whom God has put on their path. In other words, God gives us the relationship with other people and then reaches those people through those relationships.

However, it is important not to limit cellular evangelism. Scripture tells us to plant, water and God will give growth. They do not mention a special way to evangelize. Jesus evangelized through outdoor preaching, relating one to one and healing people. Some cells reach the lost through neighborhood barbecues, picnics, feeding the hungry, prayer walks and other outreach events.


Relational evangelism works best in conjunction with other forms of outreach. It is reckless to rely only on meeting a few friends over a long period of time while the rest of non-Christians go to hell without Jesus. Because people are so different, we need many ways to reach them. Some will come to Christ in one way and others will respond in a different way. All ways are important for the progress of the gospel.

Food and fellowship is always a good idea of outreach. Some cells are very effective with evangelistic dinners, social events, barbecues and parties. Jesus was always eating with the people - many times in their homes. The Early Church shared meals at home.

Moving the cell from house to house is another excellent way to attract visitors. When a member of the cell organizes the meeting at home, friends and family of this member are more likely to participate. After all, many of those people have already visited the house, thus removing a barrier - the fear of the unknown.

Each member of the cell group should be involved in actively reaching out to people. Each member must exercise their muscles in evangelism, so that true discipleship can occur. If we believe that the goal of the cell group is to make disciples who make disciples, it is important that potential disciples are using their evangelistic muscles to reach and gain new people.

To evangelize is to continue the work of Jesus Christ here on earth, He has entrusted each of us with that great work! When we look at John 3:16, it is well known:

"For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have eternal life.

Do you know why he gave himself up? it was love! As He loved me and you, so do we with everyone who is lost being enslaved by sin. To evangelize is necessary, if we are not the ones we carry, who will carry?

Millions of souls may be losing while we set our eyes on things that are not priorities, so we must be with our hearts poured out on the Cross, always seeking to fulfill the incredible mission of Christ for our lives.

I want to leave you this phrase Spurgeon to meditate :

If you have no desire to take others to heaven, you yourself do not go there. CH Spurgeon.

Stay with the Lord...Blessings

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Well said @lorennys. To evangelize is to continue the work of Jesus Christ here on earth, He has entrusted each one of us with this great work
God is great and sublime God nothing stops him. Nothing limits it. You can not enclose it in a religious structure, it does not bend to the requirements of man, in the same way you canwe not limit the word of God.
Thanks for sharing.

Thanks for the comment. Making known the wonders of God in our lives, His great love and faithfulness can help transform the lives of others.

Good post Lady Lorennys... and this Knight hopes to see continued evangelism from you and His Grace.


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Thank you Sk, with God's help it will be like this there is nothing better than serving the Lord. At the moment only with Lady Maria is quite delicate.

Understood my Lady.

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Dear @lorennys your message in this post leads us to the reflection that a powerful way to evangelize is through friendship with the brothers and bring the words of the Lord to people close to us, not just stay on the four walls of our congregations . Receive my affections

Hello Felix thank you for reading and commenting on my contribution. Greetings that you are well,

If you have no desire to take others to heaven, you yourself do not go there. CH Spurgeon.

This one got me deep. It is never enough to know Christ, you ought to bring others to the knowledge of Him.

Hello brother blessings, I am also captivated by this phrase.

Thank you my Sister Lorennys!, your message has really touched my heart, and the most well noted here is: "if you have not prepared to send anyone to heaven too will not go there." that is a powerful one indeed!

Greetings @oppongk thank you for commenting blessings

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