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The developers of DAPPS can expect to have RAM with a more accessible cost, and a great possibility of having more contracts, without cost per transaction. But many will ask themselves what the DAPPS are, they are simply applications whose operation does not depend on a central system, but on all the members of the community.

Introducing Telos...

Telos is a code fork or software of EOS.IO. The Network is looking to create a new blockchain entirely, using a modified and improved version of open-source EOSIO software. TLOS is the name of the token that reflects ownership in the Telos network. The tokens will be available to all users with accounts in the EOS genesis snapshot. Token holders can access their TLOS tokens on Telos when it is activated by using their same genesis account names and key pairs.

Telos Foundation — https://www.telosfoundation.io/

The Telos Foundation is a promotional and funding body dedicated to advancing the Telos Blockchain Network. The aim of the Telos Foundation is to provide grants to groups promoting necessary network functions that cannot be, or are not otherwise, supported by worker proposals.

The Telos Foundation promotes a new era of finance in the blockchain. We must take advantage of all the opportunities that we can and in TELOS we see the potential that is increasing by gigantic steps in the chain of blocks.

The Telos Network is the world's first governed blockchain with arbitrators elected by its members.

Getting on-boarded on Telos can be daunting a little. The @steemchurch which is poised on helping others has made it very easy for you to start exploring the Telos Blockchain. To become a part of what the @steemchurch is creating on Telos, simply fill the form below with correct details and submit. (Remember to use Tomlee.jc as referrer)


You should get a message like this after submission!!!!

Become a part of the Steemchurch Telos Village!!!

For more information on Telos, read below

Follow @sc-telos @sirknight @steemchurch for more updates!!!


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Thank you @Liltom002 for this quick perk on Telos - @Sc-telos

Telos village is live and expanding. Help introduce your friends and family.

Read this challenge by @Sirknight

If you have not registered, use this link:

Here is a guide


Very good Tom. A quick read about Telos a nice promotion for SteemChurch too.

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Feel so excited to have the Knight visit my blog!!

Thanks for the compliments SK!!

Promoting Steemchurch is my hobby!!

It’s a good news that what sharing with family and friends, we should bring as many as possible onboard steemchurch and also to Telos village. Remain blessed @liltom002

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