Proven Faith

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Faith is a vital element in the life of any Christian because it is, first and foremost, the means by which we gain salvation. However, that is just the beginning. From there, our faith­ shapens our lives, and it determines what happens to us when we face the winds of adversity in our lives. Some Christians are able to stand firmly even in hurricane-force gales, while others just fall by the slightest gust. In order to comprehend why this is so, we ought to examine the source of our faith.

Inherited faith
If you were born and grew up in a Christian home, you possibly adopted some of the beliefs of your parents. Such kind of godly foundation is such an amazing gift from God, but as time goes on, each individual must assume his or her responsibility for his or her beliefs.

Textbook faith
The Bible is the best guide for establishing our beliefs in Christ. However, it is not the only source of influence. Preachers, Books, Teachers, and the people around us all have impacts on our convictions. Our theology may be actually solid and sound. However, faith becomes only mental acceptance until it is put to the test in real life situations.

Proven Faith
It is only when we put our trust in God during times of adversity will we develop a faith that can stand. Then, our faith is no longer based on what we have been told or the ideology we have accepted as true, rather our faiths are built on our firsthand experience of the faithfulness of God.

When evaluating your faith, kindly consider your reactions to difficult circumstances. Do you hold onto the word of God or get mad at Him? No one can evade hardship. However, those with proven faith will benefit from what they go through.

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