A call to the Wisdom of God in our lives.

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Dear friends and followers of Steemchurch have all very good nights, may the peace of God be with you every day, may God bless your lives and that every day we can grow in the knowledge of this beautiful word (the Bible)

On This day I want to share a small study made today in the Book of Proverbs Chapter 12 and 13, these texts present in its conformation many verses that name the words wise (wisdom), diligent (diligence), just (justice) Each one in particular is qualified or attitudes that encompass only one reason and is to have a heart according to the Father (Jehovah), the Son (Jesus Christ) and the Holy Spirit (comforter). For now we will only focus on the word wise for example Proverbs 12:8 Version Reina-Valera 1960:
According To His wisdom the man is praised; But The wicked of heart shall be despised.

We Say then that a person who has wisdom can receive honors for his manner of proceeding correctly according to the precepts of God, in other words he will receive honor before God and men by behaving properly and if we observe well We could make a contrast with another verse of this same passage that says: Proverbs Chapter 12:2 He who loves instruction loves wisdom; But He who hates rebuke is ignorant. Note that part B of this verse clearly mentions that the one who ignores the repression (correction, advice, instruction, admonition) is defined as an ignorant person, more clearly expressed by someone who suffers from wisdom so err and will fall into evils.


Let us now see another verse located in this same passage Proverbs 12:18 There are men whose words are like blows of sword; but the language of the wise is medicine. A new comparison Is made between two totally opposite attitudes about the character of a first individual who expresses himself rudely and his words are like a sword that crosses the heart of another, unlike a second individual who manages to cope with More sanity and the effect of their actions end up being corrective, healthy for those who listen. We Understand then that the correct use of communication is representative of those people who are in constant growth of wisdom, will be more successful people in environments under pressure and in interpersonal relationships.

We Conclude this post recalling that the one who is lacking in wisdom should ask God who is willing to give because his love is so broad that he wants us to live quietly and reposed, that we love our neighbor and that we strive for peace with alls.

Santiago 1:5 Version LBLA
But If any of you see yourself lacking in wisdom, ask God, who gives you all abundantly and without reproach, and will be given to you.

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@jeanglou I have always thought about this "There are men whose words are like of the sword, but the language of the wise is medicine".
Many people who adopt the first and who abound in society without God have fallen and bring many to moral and spiritual misery.
Thanks for sharing. Blessings


Good evening sister @darlenys01 we need to grow and understand that without good behavior we can set a good example in society, pray that God will help us change.

Thanks for the words of wisdom shared, give me wisdom and it’s okay for me! God is wisdom!!!

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good night, dear friend @maxdevalue I will gladly publish a word that edifies and fills our being with wisdom. God bless you we are to serve you