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I saw this place in John. 19:30 and a question popped up because of it sometime ago which got me thinking.

“.. Jesus said it is finished, and then died..”

The Question:

Was it finished when Jesus said it or when He died?

Ahh, this may throw us into plenty deep thinking, discussions or even arguments, so any answer you give might be correct, no need for arguments.

But this is my thought concerning it, so let me share it with you.

Jesus was hung on the cross and before he died, He said “it is finished”, and it was actually finished before He died, not because He died.

I know a lot will be going through your mind, (peace be still), but the purpose of this is to give credence/importance to the words in our mouth.

When we pray, we have to believe or else, we won’t have any answer. Also our belief should be expressed in thoughts and words including action.

Most church folks pray a lot, but when you meet them outside the altar of prayer, they sound like someone who didn't actually pray.

For example

Sister A goes to pray, she cried, rolled on the floor, spoke in tongues, and did so for hours, expectedly, she is supposed to come out looking relieved because she has spoken with God, but she still looks heavy, when you ask her “Hey pretty Sister, see as u fresh, u dey enjoy oo, how are you?”

Her response will shock you

“enjoy where? So I fresh like dis? Me wey dey suffer any how, my dear, life hard, we just dey patch am”

What an answer, from someone who has met with a God that nothing is impossible for, A God that can’t be impeached or overthrown, A God whose tenure cannot expire.


Do not DIG UP in DOUBT what you HAVE PLANTED in FAITH.


When Hannah left the place of prayers after getting an answer, she stopped whining, crying and sulking, she left happy, her husband will be shocked at her new attitude..and then HER SAMUEL SURFACED.

It is finished WHEN YOU SAY IT.

O na’a adaba(it is falling in place), don’t doubt it. Good morning

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