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Greetings wonderful people of steem, I greet you all and most of all welcome you to my blog.
Today I want to talk about something that I consider a big problem to Christians and many people, many people have unknowingly turned so many things to god in their life all because of the spirit of obsession. Before we go further I will like us to understand what the obsession really is.



Obsession in definition can be seen as something or someone that we think about all the time.
Another definition for obsession is the domination of one's thoughts or feelings by a persistent idea, image, desire, etc.

Many of us get obsessed by too many things that are yet unreasonable thereby making them god over our lives. The only thing we should be obsessed about is things of the kingdom and nothing more. God is supposed to the the reason for our obsession because He is our maker and we are created to serve Him and bring glory to His name. So why then do we obsess about something yet unnecessary.

Many people obsess about their boyfriends, girlfriend and yet still end up heart broken in the relationship because they put their lover in the place of God Almighty in their live and because God is not a man and man can't take the place of God, they end up disappointing each other. Imagine you being obsessed about that particular guy or lady and you feel the world would come to an end without that particular person. That is indeed a very dangerous state to be in. Whenever you find yourself in such a state, you really need to pray and ask God to forgive you.

God is God and man is man, man can never take the place of God, so therefore if you find yourself obsessed about a particular person this simply means we are making such person god over our lives and we really need to watch it, funny enough the person don't even feel a pin about the way we have placed them.

So many people are so obsessed about football team that they can even kill nor do crazy things because of a football club. Just recently a Nigerian from the northern region drank from the gutter just to celebrate the victory of president mohamodu buhari on his re-election, and now the young man is dead, cos he fell seriously ill.


In anyway we found ourselves in any of this habit have to be checked and controlled.
There is a checkmate for all this, and it's peace, any part of our life that lack peace, is a sign that we are not on the right track, so if you lack peace in your relationship, instead of obsessing, seek God's face, the fact is that obsessing will never make things right.... It will only make us struggle in life cos we are not in line with the will of God and again, we will not still be at peace with God.....


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