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Yay!!. I'm so privileged, given the honour to present the SNIFF 'n' SCURRY stamp. Our favourite #steemchurch Mices ( @SniffnScurry ) that helps keep the Church in check and in order.

SNIFF'n'scurry stamp.jpg



I hope you like them Sir😊. Am sorry it took Quite long. My system is faulty.. @sniffnscurry


Wonderful eromose-le.

You have our seal of approval!


Thanks Great mice. Am Honoured📜📝

Congratulations @sniffnscurry sir... thanks for you and most welcome my dear sir... I love StEeMiT... upvote done @sir...

Another great design @eromosele

Thanks for the effort

Let's see what our Knight thinks


Thanks Apostle @owoblow-steemit. Thanks for your positive insight towards this design.
In #anticipation

FINALLY 💞🎆🎇🎉. Sniffnscurry Official stamp. Neat design @eromose-le so much Hard work inputted into this. I love them.

Thanks pills. Its been a while. Our favorite steemchurch mice Sniffnscurry deserve more.

This is beautiful.
You really did a good job by coming up with this. More grease to your elbow.

I love this really good.
"Two happy mice" got me captivated.
I really commend you for this outstanding stamp design.

Beautiful design worthy for a kind and demanding mice eat cheese.

Hi there

Thanks for contributing to steemchurch as well as recognising our favorite mices by doing a stamp for them



I'll keep doing my best in all ways I can for the growth of this great Community.

I give you kudos for this beautiful stamp made available for the great #sniffnscurry
I always love their mood. Ever happy.

That was a splendid work you did there and it was definitely worth the wait. Thanks for the contribution. I'm quite sure the two little mice will love it.

hahahahaha this fabulous those little mice deserve the best I hope you like them.

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