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Dear Community!

We are in time of expansion, faith and growth in the church of Steem...


If you are a faithful Christian but now you are in exile, it is time to return home and continue to build with us the community we have always dreamed of!

If you have time that you do not visit the SteemChurch or in the last few hours you have not seen the promotion blogs of the SteemChurch Telos Expansion, it is time to take a look at the following incredible publications of our community:

By @sirknight


Go now, friend... and send your family to SteemChurch, our village in Telos and our Search for Freedom. '


By @sc-g


The blessings and prosperity in Steemchurch Telos Village are for all of us, no one will be left out, but our timely response also count our portion of these blessings and prosperity. Lets all unify at Steemchurch Telos Village; the life changing Village



Registration instructions by: SteemChurch


A very important opportunity has arrived for all the parishioners, relatives and friends who live continuously in the shadows of the Church of Steem.

The Legendary @sirknight, has invested a number of hours, efforts, ingenuity and resources for the consolidation of the acclaimed EXPANSION STEEMCHURCH TELOS.


All this and much more, in the community of steemchurch.

If you wish, you can register in our community by opening the following link:



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Thanks for reaching out! I’ve registered.

Philippians 2:3
Let nothing be done through strife or vainglory; but in lowliness of mind let each esteem other better than themselves.

Thanks for having your brethren at heart.

My thanks goes also to @sirknight and every other parishioners.

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Thank you Max.

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Thanks @Maxdevalue! Always welcome! Good commenting

Resteemed this post for more visibility. Also sharing this with the Sc-n community
Steemchurch is marching on.

Resteemed too, thanks for sharing the information @adedoyin-wealth

Thank you @jedaijudith. Steemchurch will grow. How can I meet you?. I have heard beautiful things about you.

Thanks dear Adoyoyin

You are welcome Brother


Fantastic thanks for the invitation, I already registered, a thousand blessings, that good every day we add up.

Thanks CEO for the updates over the few days. I've been stucked due to poor power supply. AM happy though, its birthing some great burden in me and am all out to give a new look to alternative energy systems.

We are empowered at @Steemchurch and Telos Village to bless

AM back again!