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Jesus Christ Himself has given us peace, but we must appropriate it, not letting our heart be troubled or afraid. We cannot just passively wait to feel peaceful. We are to pursue and refuse to live without it. As Jesus said, stop allowing yourselves to be upset.


In 1 Peter 3:10-11, the Bible teaches us that if we want to enjoy life and see good days, we should keep our tongue free from evil, we should do right and search for peace and harmony with God, and with ourselves, and with our fellow man. These scriptures have had a major impact on lives, and I pray they impact your life too.

What is life worth if we are in war in our relationship with God, people and ourselves? Not. Much of a thing, as far as I know, peace with God is the foundation for all peace in lives. How can we be at peace with ourselves if we are not at peace with God, and how can we enjoy peace with other people if we don't have peace with ourselves?.

There maybe personal issues you have to settle with God before you can enjoy peace. God may have been dealing with you about certain things for a long, long time which you have been ignoring. Remember, ignoring God's will does not change it. You can go around the same mountain again and again, pass through storms, or find yourself in uncomfortable places the way Jonah did, but when all this is said and done, God's Will is still the same.

Do you sense a tug of war inside yourself about some issues in your life? If so, I encourage you not to spend more days in turmoil. Face the issue, and give God the right way. In other words, lay your way down and adopt His way. Make a decision to stop running and deal with any issues God may be placing before you. Are you doing something that is bothering your conscience?, If so, that is God letting you know He is not pleased with that action or decision. Your conscience is actually intended to be your friend; it is a great blessing in life. It will keep you out of trouble if you learn to respect and listen to it.

When God has His will for our lives and we have our will, life gets hard and uncomfortable. But we can have and enjoy peace by surrendering our will to God's. God will not and can never surrender to us. He is waiting for you to surrender.


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