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Greetings to you all wonderful parishioners of steemchurch, in the name of the Almighty God I welcome you to my blog and to the first chronicles of this year, which I tittle where is heaven. Am very sorry I have not dropped any chronicles for this year, the fact is that I wanted to be sure people actually enjoy the chronicles. And am glad many are demanding for the return. And this chronicles is actually going to be an interactive one, where you will have to tell me what you think about it and what you as a Christian would have done if you where in the shoes of the characters. So let's shoot


Chief Johnson was a very rich and kind man, he had 3 very young children maybe because he married late, this children are Michael and Mikel (twins) and Anabel (the last child and only daughter). Chief Johnson helped mr Jonathan who he met in an event after which they had nothing, Jonathan found it hard to feed his family was always running to chief for assistance,

Later on, chief Johnson opened a corporation and brought in Mr Jonathan 10 years later, they both became close and Jonathan made lots of money and was even able to train his only son abroad. The business grew that chief Johnson made more money than he ever had, and still it never changed anything from him.

One day chief Johnson called Jonathan and told him that he wants to bring in his children into the cooperation, since he is getting old and can't be that effective as he use to, he would like to bring in his two sons (Mikel and Michael) as head of the cooperation and teach them the business for the to take over. But Mr Jonathan object objected with the point that he should be the head because he knows the business more and the children don't. But it ended up in a burst and chief Johnson insisted that he was going ahead to introduce his sons to the business as the head because he is the owner of the cooperation and it is also stated in the Constitution of the cooperation to do so. And they all left. Chief Johnson went ahead to call his family together and told them his plans of bringing them in as the head of the cooperation when they are done with school.

Weeks later, chief Johnson was Murdered in cold blood by the road side by an unknown gun men on his way to a business appointment. The family wept bitterly for the loss of their wonderful husband and father. Mr Jonathan supported for the burial of chief Johnson and some other friends of chief gave promises too of standing for the family in times of need,

Mr Jonathan after the burial of chief Johnson stopped contacting the family of chief and assumed the head of the cooperation, the sons of chief Johnson one day called up a meeting with their mother and sister and agreed to meet Mr Jonathan to finally hand their fathers company over to them, but when they got their, Mr Jonathan told them that the cooperation does not belong to their father and that he and his father where partners and over the years their father borrowed a huge sum of money and that's what he is paying, that their father has lost his shares in the company, they went back home, trying to get over the shock of the betrayal of Jonathan then some bank people came with the news that the house which they are have been mortgaged by their late father who borrowed a huge amount of money from them and didn't pay back until his death. And they have come to claim the house.

The family went to the lawyer and decided to take legal action against Mr Jonathan because it's obvious he is laying claims to all what their father have ever worked for. But the lawyer told him his father is not the owner of the cooperation and gave him a document to back their fact up and that the father borrowed money. This made them believe that their father was indeed working with a demon before his death.
They went back to their village and their mother opened a restaurant where she earns small money to feed herself and the family she managed it with her daughter Anabel and the twin boys went back to school to finish their university education.

At the university, mikel feel in love with Sandra, the girlfriend to a notorious cultist, and Sandra on countless occasion have warned mikel to stay away from her but he would not listen, even Monday, Sandra's boyfriend have warned mikel to stay away from her but he would never listen so one day, Monday shot mikel in cold blood in his room, and inthe next morning when Micheal came to check on him, he found his twin brother dread. He wept bitterly and went home to break the news to his mother and sister, but after the shock message, the mother passed on. And they buried her a month later.

The family of chief Johnson moved on and Michael completed his university education, and months later, his father's lawyer came with a confession that he has conspired with Mr Jonathan to reap him off his father's property, that he has not been himself ever since, he and his family has been going through series of problems, that the document he gave him and his brother to claim that his father was not the owner of the cooperation was a fabricated one, that even Mr Jonathan has gone blind. Pleading that he come for all what belongs to him, he wept bitterly for victory along his sister and went back to claim his father's properties, including the house they claimed in the city. They moved to the city and lived a big life.

Business brought Michael and Monday the cultist that killed mikel together, monday on the other hand had graduated and own a business empire and later became a very good friend to Michael, he had married Sandra and had two children with her, and everything seems cool, until one day when Sandra together with his two children got involved in a gasly motor accident that claimed their lives. Michael came to sympathize with him for the loss of his wife, and also went for the burial of Sandra with Anabel the sister to console Monday, after the burial Monday and Anabel got talking and later fell in love with each other. Monday seek the consent of his friend Michael to marry his sister Anabel which he got and they became one happy family,

On the day of the wedding the father was unable to come because he had been in exile in Cameroon after the torment he got from the betrayal of chief Johnson, si they got married without their father there but uncle, and one day they where on the dining eating then Anabel was already pregnant. Monday told Anabel innocently how he had killed a certain guy during his university days a law student called mikel who was after his girlfriend, anabel was shocked and enquired to know more, but to was shocked to find out it was her brother, she wept in tears out of the house to a friend's house, then later told her brother Michael,

Monday came to beg with his father Mr Jonathan, and his father confessed he killed their father chief Johnson.

Now this the issue, what would you have done if you where in the shoes of


remember the family are responsible for all the death in their family, please i need your response.

***he hehehehe

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Wow... Brother Charles, this is a very touching story which have gotten me speechless, well I will like our brothers to react on this matter.
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