The challenge of a love relationship

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We live in a time of ultramodern technology. Never, in the entire history of the human race, man communicated so easily through hyper-advanced technologies. At the same time, the man was never so robotized, alienated, lonely and self-absorbed as in our days, with great difficulty to sit down, look in the eyes and converse with his neighbor. In the era of easy communication we have a lot of difficulty communicating with quality. How many people dominated by machines, interacting with them and forgetting about others. We live in a time of great insensibility, lack of solidarity and generosity.

Our great challenge is to relate in love, understanding our neighbor in the world and our brother in the environment of the Kingdom and in the Church. The Lord wants us to accept the brother without sealing his sins. Pray for him without legalism. We need to understand the brother in his temperament, in his character, in short, in his personality. We must avoid judgment at all costs according to the teaching of Jesus described in Matthew 7.1-5. We are different, but the love of God unites us in an extraordinary way. Jesus prayed that we would be one, as he and the Father are one, as an example of what he says. In our diversity we find, in Christ Jesus, our unity, our common point and our mission. We know that the relationship as art, beauty, creativity, blessing, has been lost. For various reasons, such as time, activities, work, distance, financial conditions, social differences, selfishness, opinions, focus, interests, priorities. The world has developed mechanisms of perverse influence and many people in our churches have been violently affected. We have three ferocious enemies: the world, the flesh and the devil, as I John 2.15-17 relates; 5.19. Our relationships have been suffered, formal and, often, interested. We need to rescue our values ​​of the Kingdom of God. Our communication must be based on the unity of the Trinity of God. The Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit are one. This is the very solid, indestructible basis of our relationships.


A lost world is made up of lost people and influences more people lost in their maladjusted, sickly and malicious behaviors from the evil and perverse nature of Adam. We die in Adam, but we move to live in Christ Jesus, in his death and resurrection. In Adam, in the flesh, our relationships are conflictive, hateful and malicious. Our relationships can be restored from Christ, in his love and in his grace and we come to live in the Spirit,. So, if we live in the flesh, we have many difficulties to establish pure and healthy relationships, but if we live in the Spirit, our relationships flow, being highly blessed.

We do not allow our relationships to be lost. That in our relationships we are builders of bridges that unite and bring closer and not walls that separate and alienate people. Let us grow in the knowledge of the Lord and our brother. As for the outsiders, we should love them with the love of the Lord, witnessing our faith in Jesus Christ, always doing good. Our testimony must be strong, because we can not stop talking about what we have seen and heard, as it is written in Acts 4.19-20. Let us be loving, relatable, forgiving people, servants, true friends, sincere, understanding, meek, wise, of little talk, of hearing more, humble and deeply committed to the Lord, with his Word, family, church and with the evangelization of the , world until I come back. May the Father be glorified in our relationships.


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Well said @carolina17 we should not let our relationships be lost, the practice of love of neighbor can be constant and daily. He is present in different contexts and situations of our lives. To fulfill it well, we need to be attentive and with an open heart to serve.

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Relationship is key to our sustained life. However, it is impossible to do so without love as its the binding factor to this sustained existence of Us. Furthermore, it is worthy of note that there are lots of challenges in exhibiting this great phenomenon of love in relationship towards one another, and ofcourse until we address these challenges as you have stated, we will not excel in this subject of Live. Thanks for sharing.