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Hi to all the friends of the SteemChurch, my registration has been carried out satisfactorily, in fact it is very fast thanks to the template created by @Sirknight and the instructions of @steemchurch.

I am an applicant to have an account on the Telos platform, I thank the church of Steem for giving us this opportunity.

I am from Venezuela and the name that I have registered in my data is carolina.jc, it is my second name that always accompanies me in any virtual station. Haha


If you speak Spanish and need to know easily the steps to register, open the following link provided by steemchurch for the Spanish-speaking community.

The following link waits for you, open it and register your data in the steemchurch community.

Thanks again to @Sirknight, @emiliocabrera and @steemchurch for all their support to those of us who have found love in this wonderful community.


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Excellent Carolina, Thanks for your love and support to Steemchurch!

Resteem by: EC

If you wish, you can register in our community by opening the following link:


excelent @carolina17

Let’s spread the good news for all our brethren to benefit! One heart!

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Excellent soon I'll be doing mine too.

Very applied excellent thanks for making your registration promptly

Excellent Carol... Very much blessings