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The next stop on our book giving tour: The Presbyterian Church in Oceanside, New York! This church has fallen to cultural Marxism and is being led by a female rabbi. We aim to bring one of our own back to lead this group of Christians!

Silvanus Publishing and Camelot Daily News in cooperation with will donate Paul Boggs' book AMERIKA: The Re-Mastered Christian Majority to more than 1000 families and churches in December, 2018. All books will be hand carried to residents and Christian churches.

We have already reached 200 families and with your generous donation, we can reach people all across America!

Help stop Communism in America by providing the tools and information necessary for families to recognize the (((satanic))) symbolism in the Disney movies and other Hollywood productions.

To win this fight, we must reach out to people offline.

For the price of a cup of coffee, we can reach one more family!

Thank you in advance for your generosity!

To donate:

To distribute the "Amerika" book at your local church, please visit:

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