The privileges of love - its virtue.

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"Love is suffering, it is kind, love is not envious, love is not boastful, it is not arrogant"

Love is suffered, that means that it is patient and kind. Love is impossible without kindness. Love without kindness is like a spring without flowers, a fire without heat. Recall what the apostle Paul said, in his letter to the Ephesians, chapter 4, verse 32; He says: "Be kind to one another, merciful, forgiving one another, as God also forgave you in Christ." You may notice, then, that this is the positive side. And now let's see the negative side.

It also says here, love does not envy. That is, it is satisfied with what it has. We all know that life today is full of inequalities. Some people are rich, have many resources and sometimes some believers say: "Why does God bless that person with so much wealth and not give me anything?" Well, love recognizes that there are social inequalities and accepts them, is satisfied with what they have. Remember that the first death in the world was caused by envy, when Cain killed his brother.

We will do well to reflect on the example of John the Baptist, who was not envious when the ministry of Jesus increased in popularity among the people. In the Gospel according to John, chapter 3, verse 30, he said of the Lord Jesus Christ: "It is necessary that he grows, but that I should decrease." When we consider that each one of us has a different portion in life, and each one has a different function to fulfill for the Lord, we should remember the words of Jesus to Peter, in John 21:22, speaking of the apostle John: "Yes I want him to stay until I come back, to you, what, you, follow me. " Bacon said talking about envy, which is the vilest and most depraved feeling of all things.
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We have a good example of a man who had affection for another and who never envied him, that was Jonathan. Although he was the prince of the crown, he never envied David, even knowing that David would occupy the throne in his place.

Now, we read here that Love is not boastful. That is, he does not show off or show off himself. There is some vulgarity in terms of boasting.

Now, it says here the rest of the verse: Love is not puffed up, it is not arrogant. It means that it is not traveling in the air. That it is not inflated and, suddenly, it runs out of air. And when the air has come out, there is nothing left because, in reality, there was nothing. Let's continue reading verse 5:

"He does not do anything undue, he does not seek his own, he does not get irritated, he does not hold a grudge"

Now, we also read that love does not do anything undue, indecent. It means that it does not act in a peculiar, strange way. You know that in the letter of the Apostle Peter, we have been told that we believers are chosen people, something special. But that we should not act in a strange, strange, brusque way. We must practice courtesy, act respectfully, with education. It means that we should make use of courtesy today, we should not be rude. We must not act as strange people. In our days we have much of what is considered religion without love. But love does not behave unduly.

Now, we continue reading that love does not seek its own. That is, try to find out about the reasons. And he asks: Why am I doing this? We should examine ourselves, investigating our own motives. Am I doing it out of love for Christ? That is the important thing. That is the secret of our service.
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We also see that love is not irritated. So, he does not have a bad temper. Being provoked is the vice of the virtuous. And it seems that this is the fault of many of us today.

Now, we also see that love does not hold a grudge. There are many who like to throw dirt, dirt over others, through gossip, and are very suggestive in the way they comment on others.

The following work was taken from the Bible school after the teacher
the biblical references are from Reina Valera 1960.


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