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God bless my brothers of steemit the peace of God be in your heart.

1.Modern theories of science devalue man.

Unfortunately, what the Bible says about this is constantly being discussed and ridiculed by many modern scientists. They claim to have the definitive answer to how the universe was created and also man. Having made great advances in the field of technology and biology and feel the ability to speak with total confidence of what happened according to them billions of years ago.For them, both man and the immense universe in which we live is the product of an accident that occurred millions of years ago, a gigantic explosion that was followed by a series of fortuitous events that gave rise to the world as we know it today. . Although they explain it as if it were something fully demonstrated and they teach it in many schools, institutes and universities as an unquestionable truth, in reality, it is a theory. Well, the truth is that there are several theories; Big Bang theory and the theory of evolution. And although many have accepted them as unquestionable dogmas, they are only theories based on theoretical works that are constantly discussed by other scientists and that have basic aspects that have not yet been resolved. Many have accepted these theories because they offer an alternative to the biblical explanation that the universe in which we are, with all its laws that give order, has been created by God. But the truth is that very few people who believe that this world is the product of the Big Bang could explain what this was. In fact, when we think about it, something inside us tells us that it is impossible for everything around us to be the result of a great casual explosion, a great cosmic accident.

But the question that interests us now is that if our world is the product of a great accident, as many modern scientists claim, then it makes no sense for man to ask himself about the meaning of his life: we are simply an impersonal accident. According to them we are the grouping of a bunch of chemical components that have come together to form man, all by chance. However, even if someone gives scientists all these chemical components, despite all the technology and wisdom they have, they will never be able to create a living man with personality, but even so, they want us to believe that accidents and chance yes they have been able to achieve it. This is not even minimally reasonable.

Unfortunately, many have accepted these theories and find no meaning in their lives. They believe to be a product of chance, a set of chemical materials without purpose. So, the only philosophy of life that is left to them is to "eat and drink because tomorrow we will die". But this does not satisfy either. The human being is much more than this and we all know it.

2.Man without God loses his reason for being.

When Steve Jobs and John Lasseter were thinking about the creation of the first animated film that they later titled "Toy Story", their thoughts were these: "It was based on the idea that objects have their own essence, a purpose for which they were created, if the object had feelings, these would revolve around their desire to fulfill their purpose.The goal of a vessel, for example, is to contain water, if it had feelings, it would be happy when it was full and would make it sad to empty ... As for toys, their purpose is for children to play with them, and therefore their existential fear would be to be separated or replaced by newer toys ... Our story starts from the point of He sees the toy, loses it and tries to recover the only thing that matters to him: that the children play with him, this reason bases the existence of all the toys, and is the emotional basis of his own being ". (Steve Jobs, Walter Isaacson.

The reasoning of these creators of animated films was very simple: if an inanimate object were to have feelings, it would be happy if it managed to carry out the purpose with which it was created. The argument is very simple and everyone who saw his film understood it without difficulty. Now, why do not we understand then that we will never become happy as long as we do not fulfill the purpose with which we have been created?

As we have already seen, the intention with which God created man giving him personality was so that he had an intimate and personal relationship with him. But already at the dawn of creation, man decided to rebel against God and turn away from him, in such a way that at that very moment an immense void was created in the life of man that he has been struggling to fill with many other things since. achieve to achieve it.

3.Man feels self-sufficient, but without God it is nothing

There is no doubt that the man of the 21st century has managed to make incredible progress in many areas of science. In a few years we have seen a technological revolution that has modified the whole society and many of our behaviors. Man continues to invent new devices of all kinds. Study the laws that govern the universe and get to use them for their own benefit. And all this has given him a false sense of superiority, to the point that he has come to think that he does not need God, that man is self-sufficient, man is God.

But man remains a very weak and limited being. Unfortunately, we often only realize this in very dramatic circumstances. Maybe we heard people wailing at the funeral of a young man saying: "How can it be? Yesterday he was with his motorcycle running down the road full of life and today is a corpse. But the next day they forget that really "we are nobody" and at any moment they begin to say: "now they will find out who I am".

Man is so conceited, so proud, so full of himself, so self-sufficient, so independent of God, that he stands up and says I am, I can, I do not need God. And God often has to allow in his mercy that great disasters, illnesses and calamities to come to his life to convince him again that without God we are nothing. Psalm 107 picks up this thought. There are four examples of people in extreme situations.

A traveler lost in the desert who has only a few hours to live, and seeing himself lost, he cries out to God, and he in his mercy saves him and leads him to a safe city.

A patient at death's door who has been evicted by doctors. All kinds of medicine have failed and he dies. But he does not want to die, he is not ready to meet God and he cries out to him. Then God in his mercy extends him a few years of life to seek him from the heart.

A prisoner rotting in the dungeon, lost and forgotten in society. And the Lord hears your prayer and delivers you from prison.

A sailor on the high seas about to be shipwrecked in the middle of a tremendous storm. As drunk, your boat goes from one place to another without all their knowledge and expertise helping them to control the situation. And seeing that they are going to go to the bottom of the sea and perish, they cry out to God and he listens to them and saves them.

All these are examples of desperate situations of many others for which any of us can pass, and that help us to realize that we are not self-sufficient. Then, almost instinctively, we remember God and ask him for help. God allows these circumstances for us to learn.

The psalm says: "Oh that men understood the mercy of God."

Without God in this world men are nothing, we are at the mercy of great physical forces that can crush and erase us from this world at any moment. As strong as we think we are, even a small microbe can enter our body and knock us down. Fragile, insufficient in ourselves, we are nothing. Oh that men would think of this.

The following work was taken from the Bible school after the teacher
the biblical references are from Reina Valera 1960.

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