Journey to 10000 SP- Day 32-33

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This is Day 32-33 of my journey to reach 10,000 SP by the end of 2017.

I don’t have the liquidity to send over the needed 5597.007 to reach this milestone. I can see some progress occurring towards reaching this goal. There are about 16 days left in this year and I am quickly approaching the deadline I have set for myself.

As the days come close to the last 2 weeks of 2017 I have begun to try to learn exactly what it means to stay the course. I think it will be a very interesting challenge for me going into 2018 to be able to do curations at the best of my abilities.
I have been working more hours and that to me equals less activeness on steemit. I can’t confirm that because I still use that time to spread the word about steemit. I have begun to see that following your route to success you cross paths with obstacles that try to uproot you. You have to stay focused and on track. You may get beat out of things unfairly and it can cause you to get discouraged. If you don’t stay on track what other options do you have?
I read a comment that stated that I kiss people’s ass depending on if they have a lot of steem power in their wallet and trying to get those same people with a lot of steem power to unvote posts that they may have upvoted after meeting me their selves and chatting with me. Here is the thing, I don’t mind if a person unvote me if I did not pay for the vote. I have been on Steemit for 3 months actively and the shade has just been thrown my way. People that despise me are trying to say I am from Pakistan. They obviously have not looked at any of my blogs or posts.
It’s crazy because I just look at it and say, “haters make it happen!”. Then I get back to my journey of trying to reach 10000SP. If a person was to read my posts and look at what I am doing they will see that I am focused on working with active minnows and anyone else. Most of anything I offer has the minnow in mind. I am stating that because I was accused of catering to the whales or dolphins. I don’t mind that statement because it is an opinion. You know what they say about opinions. I have contact with a lot of people on Steemit but it seems to me that now some are attacking the way I do things.
They want to manipulate my work so they can destroy all while running around planting seeds of hatred while telling lies about the work I am putting in place. Anyway, I might touch on it again if it become worse but as for now I am going to try to remain focus and keep providing for the steemians that are using the #steembloggers tag in their post, giving 30-day Unlimited Upvotes to steemians who are subscribed to my service, trying to build a curation trail to help boost the upvotes for the subscribers of the service and reaching my personal goal of 10000 SP.


This is a journey that I have challenged myself to and I have been consistent with my efforts towards reaching it. I feel as if I am becoming a better person everyday on and off Steemit. I am thankful to be able to share this initiative rather I meet the deadline or not because it has still set the tone for the path I choose to take. I will re-evaluate my strategy to be more correct and realistic based on my own abilities and control and become more aggressive in the work ethics that comes along with reaching deadlines.
I would also say that some people are easily discourage and will lose focus on their primary goal when failing to reach a deadline. I understand the feeling of failure when the time deadline is mandatory such as being in your child’s life. They are only a child for such a time period that after that they are teenagers and then young adults and you have missed the chance to meet the required deadline. That actually sucks but as a decent human being if your child is still alive; you still have a chance to be in their life and make it better.

I perform some basic calculation on what it would take for me to reach this goal realistically and it was a revelation! It has been reducing daily, so I can see some progress but if I can’t make anything happen soon it will start increasing. It came out to around 349.8129375 SBD a day.


My Goal is to reach 10000SP

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