$100,000 Bonus ! BETX Gaming Platform to Launch on Binance Chain!

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Dear BETX players,

We are super excited to announce that our blockchain gaming platform http://betx.fun is going to be launched on Binance Chain. BETX’s mission has always been driving the mass adoption of blockchain technology through gaming and entertainment. After massive research and deep conversation with the Binance team, we decided to migrate BETX platform onto the new and promising Binance Chain. Not only the migration will bring a variety of blockchain games to the Binance Chain ecosystem, our VIP system and new player events will also be developed to drive more user engagement. With the newly added rich and interactive game modes, BETX will collaborate with Binance Chain to forge the No.1 gaming platform on all blockchains!

As of today (05/20/2019), BETX platform has achieved phenomenal results on EOS and STEEM networks:

In order to reward current BETX player communities on EOS and STEEM and to promote the new community on Binance Chain, BETX will simultaneously launch three Reward Programs after the migration to Binance Chain!

Reward No.1 - Existing use migration reward

Current EOS and STEEM players of BETX platform will be qualified to receive new BETX airdrop in proportion to one’s staking amount on the previous chains. Users need to bind their Binance Chain address on EOS or STEEM BETX platform in order to receive the airdrop on the new platform. We will publish a comprehensive guide of receiving Airdrop before platform launch to walk every player through the process. This event will give out total $50K worth of BETX token! Existing player is expected to receive an average of $12 worth of BETX token as migration reward.

Reward No.2 - Social Media Share Reward

By sharing this announcement to social media platforms such as Twitter, Weibo, Medium and Steemit, user can earn BEP-2 BETX token reward by collecting re-shares and likes. We encourage every player to spread the good news and together we build a strong community. In return we have also prepared a great prize, $30K equivalent of new BETX token in total to reward Social Media shares. This reward will be first-come, first-served, so nail the deal NOW before everybody else!
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This event will last for three weeks starting from platform launch, and BETX will count all re-shares and likes at the end of the third week to determine qualified winners. If there are more wins than the total prize we will reward user in ascending order of article publishing time.
Note: BETX rewards in Reward No.1 and Reward No. 2 will be distributed to user’s account locked on BETX platform and gradually unlocked every month. The BETX platform reserves the right of final explanations of the events.

Reward No.3 - Limited-time only, 2X referral reward!

Each player can generate a unique referral link and refer friends to play on BETX platform. When one successfully refer a friend with his/her link, he/she will earn 0.2% of friend’s bet amount for lifetime! What’s more exciting is that we are double-down on the referral reward in the first three weeks of BETX launch on Binance Chain. Within the first three week of platform launch, players can earn 2X referral reward, making it 0.4% of friend’s bets! This is an exclusive event in a first-come- first served style! Get the $30K extra referral reward before anyone else!
Note: The referral reward will be distributed in real time after each bet and the same as betting token. For example, if a referee bets 100 BNB, the referrer will immediately receive a 0.2 BNB reward. BETX platform reserves the right of final explanation of the event.

About BETX Gaming Platform

On December 7, 2018, BETX first landed on the EOS main network for public beta. Following the success launch on EOS Network, in Feb 2019 BETX officially announced launch on STEEM. BETX games have experienced excellent user growth on both network and keep providing the top-notch game experience among all Dapps. The total number of users up-to-date has reached 23,835, and the total transaction volume is over $96M. BETX now stabilizes on the Top 10 Dapp list of both network! Following the core idea of decentralization, BETX has always been sharing platform revenue with token holders and giving major voting power to the community. There was no pre-mined token, no ICO, no private placement, and only 10% belong to the team. With 90% of tokens belonging to players and the community, BETX was able to achieve fair distribution of tokens to the maximum extent. BETX also pays great attention to token holder’s voting rights. Players also get to make critical decisions of the platform, which strengthens the fundamental support from the community.

About Binance Chain

Binance Chain is a blockchain software system developed by Binance and its community. Binance Chain is a community-driven development project built with many developers and contributors from all over the world. Binance DEX refers to the decentralized exchange features developed on top of Binance Chain.

BETX 2019 Plan of Development

As the first gaming platform to launch on Binance Chain, BETX team will work closely with Binance Chain team to build the technology and test out the product. A variety of new games including state-of-art slot games, the typical blockchain crash game, fomo fruit machine game, red and black, innovative Monopoly and sports betting have been scheduled to launch on BETX in 2019. The underlying blockchain architecture will be secured by Binance Chain, and BETX is fully responsible for the development of upper level Dapps. BETX team will start working on new game development immediately after Binance Chain BETX platform launch, and will move forward steadily towards milestone goals as scheduled in below chart.

In The End

As of the writing of this article, BETX development team is working day and night developing the backbone of the platform on Binance Chain. We expect within three weeks, BETX beta will be onboard Binance Chain and our users will be able to experience the high performance, security, transparency and autonomy benefits that Binance Chain brings us. We are happy and super excited to see that Binance chain is taking blockchain gaming to the next level, and will show our full support down the road. BETX aims to carry out a variety of new decentralized games that makes the most sense for blockchain application. The future is almost here! Please join us to embrace a new digital game era based on blockchain technology!


What does this have to do with SteemBet? Are you moving it to binance and making us get a bnb wallet? Binance could be shut down one day for securities fraud... Are you sure this is a good idea?

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Thank you for your information.

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You're welcome @steem-bet
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Should of kept developing on Steem!

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Absolutely yep. We will create a gaming Platform based on different blockchain network.

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Sadly, I don't share your excitement.
How is the roulette and the ICO for SPT going?

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wait....should we be happy about that?

Thank you Sir

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Yes. Sir it's our strategy plan. And win win.

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Thanks for this info!
I was wondering what hiked the BETX prices recently. I had unstaked all my BETX a couple of months back and put on sale on Exchange. But I wasn't monitoring this token anymore. Suddenly some days back my order triggered and I got my asking EOS in my wallet ...what a pleasant surprise! But now I know what I was missing.

So are you the same BETX team? And I thought you copied their design elements here!

How does social media share reward work on Steem for this post?

We are cooperational relationship. And our team is runing on steemit.

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