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RE: 500 Shares of STEEM Basic Income Contest

in #steembasicincome2 years ago

2018-12-10 13_27_13-Coinbase continues to explore support for new digital assets.png

2018-12-10 13_13_06-Coinbase continues to explore support for new digital assets.png
Did all parts of task 1 #coinbase

2018-12-10 13_34_42-stever82 _ Steem.png

2018-12-10 13_37_14-stever82 _ Steem.png
Did all of task 3.
#payitforward #pifc

I also did task 8.
#feedyourminnows #scrooger

Here are my witness votes if you have some others for me to look at let me know.
2018-12-10 13_33_04-stever82 _ Steem.png

I also did task 8.
#feedyourminnows #scrooger

Thanks for sharing all these cool things


Thank you for your continued support of PIFC. The delegation and SBI share are a huge help.

12 shares correct? You did so much, very nice & Thank You very much! Look out for the next 500 Share contest, I will come up with new projects to include, feel free to list any you love and that help minnows.

Yes that is correct. The @minnowbuilder accounts are always looking for people to know about them and they helped me make it to minnow level.