You would still only get 1 upvote on each post, but you can increase the value of it by upvoting our regular updates.

Is there a minimum voting weight required for it to matter? Or do the small votes of those with less SP add up over time. Also, is the minimum shares to get above dust from sbi 2 or 3?

We try to keep weekly value per share relatively consistent across pools. Pool 6 is lagging at the moment, but we're working on it. Minimum shares to get above dust is independent of your pool, but rather connected to your posting frequency. 1 share is enough to break the dust threshold for 1 post per week, 2 shares for 2, etc. Whatever your weekly posting average, that's how many shares are needed to consistently get above dust.

Small votes from those with less SP add up over time.

Thanks for the responses, that helps a lot for determining how worthwhile it would be to just give people single shares across many or multiple per person. Do users' votes on sbi posts apply retroactively if someone is not currently a member?

We look back 28 days on upvotes on our posts. So once somebody becomes a member, their upvotes in the 28 days previous will boost them right away.

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