Thanks for the Steem Basic Income participation and to my followers — Steemit

Thanks for the Steem Basic Income participation and to my followers

Thanks for being great followers! What a cool platform.

screen go.png.

Beautiful drone photo to say thanks!

Please note the following people won my #steembasicincome contest where they win @steembasicincome:


Thanks for everyone that contributed photos. 100% of you get a share of SBI. It may take 8 days or so to arrive but you will get it!


Thanks again and keep making cool photos and art!

I really hope @mountainwashere comes back with nature identification thread... come back!!!

Your fan @snowyknight

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Thank you, sharing pictures is like having a world wide backyard. Odds are pretty good I'll never get to Asia and see Yaks in real life, or Africa and see what the world looks like from on top of Kilimanjaro, or Antarctica to wonder about the dead things there, but by people sharing their pictures I get to see more than just what National Geographic, or Nature Mags, or TV shows care to show us.


Thank you @bashadow! Your work is awesome too. #justbecause is awesome as well!

Thank you @snowyknight! Thank you so much! :-D
The green fields in your drone photo almost look
like digital 0's and 1's on the thumbnail photo.
Great variety of color and patterns in that shot!


Thank you for being new and I like, very much, what you do!

Thank you so much ❄ @snowyknight!!
Yeah where is @mountainwashere?
Miss those nature identifies also!
Your drone photographs are so cool!
A painted pallet below you! 🎨


Thanks @shasta!!!!! Keep sharing awesome photos... where is @mountainwashere.... ;(

Cheers! :)
( hopefully @mountainwillbehere again :)


me too!!!!!

@mountainwashere come back!!! ;)

Thank you very much :)


Thank you!!!

Love this shot. Nice work on it. Resteemed!


ps. Was a bit of a delay with the transfer... sorry. But @steembasicincome now has the funds for your SBI. Sorry for the delay!
Thanks again!

Thank you for exposing me to the steem basic income project, and connecting it with photography. I am very curious about it all now.