I checked your account and all shares are accounted for. I think that when you checked there was a pending transaction that I had not processed yet. Can you please check again now and let me know if it still looks like I missed one?

and one more right now (325). Just have done another sponsorship.

I do have 325 now. Please keep in mind that it may take 2-3 to see each transaction appear in the enrollment history. When I checked before and you were saying 324 and it showed 323 the last transaction was still pending.

thank you 😊 So the Recon Auto tab should show it in a few days...

Recon Auto tab is the data pull from our new system. It works! Sort of... it's actually missing a lot of shares still, and we have some fixes that need deployed before I finalize the reconciliation. The posting and upvoting records are accurate though.

it takes time... 😊👍🏼

no - not yet... still 323... so 1 is missing...
1+5+94+100+120 I received is 320
and 4 times 1 I dedicated is 4. So the sum should be 324.

I will double-check again.