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RE: Easy SBI Contest #94 | Comment with your best post for a chance to win SBI shares!

in #steembasicincome5 years ago (edited)

That means I have to hurry up and finish my draft explaining mostly about why I went on an unscheduled hiatus.

I love procrastinating my drafts though! I came back today and spent all day just lurking about catching up on other people. No one noticed I was gone though so that's good.

#sbi-skip ahchooo

Glad you are still about and left me curator for @giphy because I lost my delegation leases and my vote is worth ziltch for now again.


I did notice that you went a bit quiet. Hope everything is going okay.

Well, really it's not okay and it's a shame that the people who put me in this position can just think it's ok.. so I can't pretend it's okay too because it's really a bunch of BS :(

Such is life though.

At least I have so many ideas for more writing now!

But in a few days I will need to take another stretch of quiet again :o I will try to schedule some posts around that stretch of time tho..


I'm finally officially back back >.< Got over my fear of overwhelmingly needing to explain it all right away.

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