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Are you ready to win an upvote for life? Well here is your chance, Gold Monkey is an amazing upvote service and we have only just got things going, we will continue to grow and will be a major player on the steem platform. Now is the time to join, we are in our first month, there is an full explanation of how GOLD MONKEY works at the bottom, of the post.

Bad Daily Joke

What is black white and read all over ?
A newspaper .

Gold Monkey Bot News

Everything is running smoothly and we stand at 15.3k of raw upvote power, we do keep an eye on everything but if your not sure please do leave a comment and we will get back to you as soon a possible.

Daily Giveaway!

See below the membership list

Full details about GoldMonkey and terms and conditions please visit this post

GMB buying links

One, Three, Five, Ten, Twenty

Membership List

As more GMB's are sold the numbers shown below are forever changing and upvoting percentage's change on a daily basis to keep everything up to date. When you buy any amount of GMB's your name will appear into this table and remain there forever. As each new member joins up, they are given a membership number which will used for picking winners of future contests and giveaways.


Multiply your pool ownership % by 10 to get your daily upvoting percentage

NoMemberGMB's% of pool
1@fat-elvis102.55 %
2@edthecanadian102.55 %
3@methus102.55 %
4@goldrooster205.10 %
5@maxblaschke287.14 %
6@ronaldoavelino328.16 %
7@senstless112.81 %
8@willsparks88256.38 %
9@silverstackeruk276.89 %
10@vgholdingsllc102.55 %
11@thedamus102.55 %
12@gdwcoins276.89 %
13@steemcryptosicko4010.20 %
14@monsterjamgold71.79 %
15@mfblack143.57 %
16@stever82215.10 %
17@robinsonr81051.28 %
18@drazeus51.28 %
19@blind-spot10.26 %
20@priyanarc10.26 %
21@z3ll10.26 %
22@firecajun926210.26 %
23@cryptocopy10.26 %
24@von-doom10.26 %
25@the1calledcube10.26 %
26@bengy51.28 %
27@wolffeys41.02 %
28@simonjay51.28 %
29@kerrislravenhill71.79 %
30@dkid14102.55 %
31@dwingsworld10.26 %
32@bauloewe10.26 %
33@dosdudes1 53.83 %
34@cryptofiloz10.26 %
35@samsemilia710.26 %
36@guurry12310.26 %
37@amr008133.32 %
38@marianaemilia10.26 %
39@laqkings10.26 %
40@rentmoney61.53 %
41@silversaver88810.26 %
42@sacredstarfamily10.26 %

Win a GMB share

It's easy peasy to win a GMB everyday by entering our contest. All you have to do is tag 2 friends in the comments that you think would like the idea of GoldMonkey. Each contest will last for 24 hours and the winner will be announced on the next days daily post.

Today's winner @amr008

Well done to today's winner, x1 GMB has been added to the membership list in your name and will appear in tomorrows update post to confirm.

Full Details about GoldMonkey can be found here

How many GMB's would you like today?

One, Three, Five, Ten, Twenty, Thirty, Forty, Fifty, One Hundred

Remember two names for the contest now

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You need to add two names

I delegate and each new month my monkeys should go up as I again (i.e. continue) delegate. Am I correct ? If I do no longer delegate the monkey remains the same, thats why I think I am correct.