#ZapFic contest: tell me a tale in 240 characters or less (results of last week, and new prompt)

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ZAPFIC returns! More zap and more fic *

*just without the hassle of zappl!

What is #zapfic? Well I was the first to use the hashtag, so I guess I invented it, and I get to decide what it means.

#zapfic is a very short story written in less than 240 characters*.

Screenshot 2018-10-13 at 17.46.44.png

Use a word/character counter like this free one (https://wordcounter.net/) to check your character count!

*Why 240 characters? Well originally it was posted to the steemit blockchain using the app “zappl”, but that app has been on an extended holiday, and we can't hang around for ever... so now no more hassle with zappl! You can post your #zapfic however you want!

Last week’s entries!

Thank you to everyone who participated! There were 7 entries this week















And now for the winners…

Yet again, you guys blew me away with the variety of stories. It always amazes me that the blandest of prompts sometime provokes the best and most interesting of stories

So you all deserve a SBI

Congratulations @anasav, @botefarm, @mariita52, @lighteye, @sarez, @whatisnew, @theironfelix

#zapfic Writing Contest Week 57:

Write a story - inspired by the prompt - in 240 characters.

No restrictions on how you post it to steemit. You can post it to steemit using steemit.com, partiko or anything else you want to use!

Try to ensure you tell as complete a story as you can.

This weeks prompt is : moving

You can interpret the prompt as you wish (the story does NOT have to contain the word “moving” in it)


  • Post the 240 character (or less) story to steemit (use whatever you want - steemit.com, busy, partiko, or even as a comment! etc - the choice is yours!
  • The story must be less than 240 characters long - use a character counter to check (here is one: https://wordcounter.net/)
  • The story must be your own work, and previously unpublished
  • If you post a photo (you don't have to, there are no "points" for photos, it is all about the story) please make sure you quote the source. If it is yours, say so!
  • Resteem and upvote welcome but it is not essential (I am operating this contest at a “loss” to give something back to the community, so if you can resteem and upvote it will help me help you!)
  • The steemit (or busy, or whatever) link to your post must be left in the comment section of this post
  • The deadline for submissions is EIGHT hours before the payout of this post
  • The judge’s decision is final


The price pool 3 SBI (#steembasicincome share), to be distributed as follows

1 @steembasicincome share will be given to the top three stories (as judged by me)

All valid entries will receive a 100% upvote (approx $0.07 at the time of posting) and a resteem from the judge (@felt.buzz) to over 1000 followers.

Sometimes I may give away bonus prizes too.

Note: this contest was invented by and is hosted, judged and run by @Felt.Buzz. it has bugger all to do with zappl

Thank you! and good luck!

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- Necrotic Movement -

"Necros inbound. Awaiting authorization."

"Charlie-delta, you have authorization to first-class ordinances."

"Roger, over and out."

The concrete still rumbled as their feet pounded on it, but soon the movement halted by a lead thunder of guns.

Those pesky necros!
Thanks for your entry 😎

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Thanks for your entry 😎

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Thanks for your entry 😎

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thanks for your entry! :)

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Thanks for your entry! :)

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Almost late… but here is an appropriate story:


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Thanks for your entry 😎

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Thanks for your entry 😎

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You are welcome

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An irresistible prompt, thank you very much!


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Thanks for your entry 😎

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Thank you!!!
congratulations to the winners.

My entrance:

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Thank you @felt.buzz. Congrats to all :)

Congrats to the winners!

Great initiative my friend encouraging many to write creatively ❤️

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Thank you! Go on! Have a go! :)

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Thank you very much, @felt.buzz, and congratulations to the winners.