Music: Ziruza SOS Contest for Steem-bounty and SteemBasicIncome units

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If you've been reading my blog lately you'll know my ears have been marinating in Q-Pop / Khazakstani pop. One of the hottest acts right now is Ziruza and she has a hashtag campaign on Instagram for her new single "S.O.S.". Oh, and it's time I ran another contest. So here we go.

The total prize pool is:
50 SBD @steem-bounty
120 SBI @steembasicincome units

Steem-bounty pays the SBD directly to you. The bounty is shared amongst all entrants.
SBI will reward you by upvoting all your future posts. Each SBI is not worth much, but accumulate a few and you'll notice the difference on your posts.


1- Listen to Ziruza's new song S.O.S - at least once. I'll have to trust your honesty.

For the Karaoke inclined, here's a version with lyrics. It's in Khazak but if you can read Cyrillic you'll do okay.
2- Create a photo showing yourself with your national flag or other national symbol. You can wear a mask and/or crazy costume. Make it awesome!
3- Upload the photo to Instagram with at least the following hashtags: #ziruzasos #1840
4- Comment on this post with a link to your Instagram post.

(No upvote or follow required)


  • Every valid entry will get a share of the steem-bounty on this post. How much steem-bounty? How about $50 SBD worth? Yeah?!
  • 10 x random prizes of 1 @steembasicincome unit for valid entries
  • 3 spot prizes of 5 SBI for the most awesome posts as judged by me
    Y'all can help me out with the 3 spot prizes by upvoting your favourite photos - if you want.


So you want to win more? Okay, then if you enter and then get others to enter then I'll give you 1 SBI. I'll do this for the first 20 referrals. How will I know? Well, you'll have to enter first and then the people you refer need to say in their entry comment "@yournamehere sent me" where @younamehere is your username.
Also, for the top referrers, I'll award more SBI as follows:
1st 50 SBI,
2nd 20 SBI
3rd 5 SBI

Other rules

My contest, it's up to me to interpret the rules. This includes changing rules and making new ones. If the contest goes super huge I might juice the prize pool more.

More Ziruza

Ziruza - Айт ендi / Ayt endi lyrics-translated
Watch out for the guy on fire. My limited Khazak suggests that the chat messages on the phone are from "Bae" and he says "Babe", "I" ... "Me and you...." then she goes looking for him to suggest, via the medium of a baseball bat, that he should tell her now.

Right. Enough from me. Get snapping.

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What's wrong with steem bounty. Taking 5 of my votes one after another. Why??

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I'm already here. I was just on the post deciding on my entry :D. Good timing.

Show some of that famous Irish liquid courage and enter! Lol glad I could give you that extra push

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No I just don't have instagram.

Borrow a friends and ask them to post it for you! And if they don’t 💪 just flex on them!

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I could copy you... and just not link a photo.. because our team didn't even get to play.... twice! Get it...because we suck 🤣

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  ·  last year (edited)

Lol well then look for something more embarrassing, maybe slip on those clogs and get to snapping a pic honey!

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Sorry I do not have Insta...

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Ask a friend to post a pic for you and grab the link 😉 don’t give up that easily

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Ha ha. In my country only girls 15-20 has insta what I know. That is far away from my friends... I let you win this time.

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Ask a friend to post a pic for you and grab the link 😉 don’t give up that easily

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Lol so what do i do of i dont have an insta account!! Dusting off that bafunny bafunny jersey i see!!

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Ask someone to post it for you and grab that link 😋

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You can do this for me tomorrow!! Will go see a man about some paintings on the street!!

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Boom! Sur-prize 5 SBI for the first entry.
Luckily football isn't my sport because my national team is .... But rugby, yeah our countries are friendly foes.

Oh wow! Thanks for the prize! I do have a rugby jersey too but since we decent I n Ragga I didn’t think it would be funny. Lol

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Sound lad. Great to see it.

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Sound lad. Great to see it.

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Excellent! Our first referred entry. 1 SBI sent for your entry!

@eturnerx, Nice to see a switch up in your usual competitions. A bit of variety is always nice but my god that's some prize you have put up this week. I had to set up an Instagram first since i don't use most other social media but i couldn't pass up on this.

  1. Because the prizes are ridiculous
  2. Because i love wearing the jersey and flag. I'm proud to be Irish and what we represent throughout the world. I've traveled to sporting occasions across the globe and can't resist a good event. Football, Rugby, Boxing, UFC we go to them all and support our own.

This is my entry and I will try to bring a few more people to the competition as well.

Boom! Sur-prize 3 SBI for the second entry. Steem-bounty means every entrant will get something. There's Irish branches on my family tree, but that's not uncommon in the former colonies. Thanks for participating.

I love these rules. They should apply to everything. There does tend to be a lot of Irish connections across the globe. Over the years we have infiltrated most countries across the world and started a pub.

Hello @eturnerx this is @kalyanvainala i just joined steemit one day before and my friend @summisimeon told about steemit and i dont know too much about it have to go through it..
and luckily @summisimeon said about your contest and brought me here to participate in this i took a pic of mine with our India national flag on my chest and posted in can see it here
I am very happy to participate in this contest and this is my 1st one as well☺☺

Entry noted. Welcome to steem - I sent you a 1 SBI welcome gift (not from the prize pool above). Your friend can show you around. But, I'd recommend you check out @steembasicincome, and @steem-ua. Good luck in the contest.

Well i will teach about SBI,steem-bounty and steem-ua to my friends and i am inviting few more ppl to this contest hope they will participate in it.
Thank you
Yours @summisimeon

Entry noted

  ·  last year (edited)

Awesome music. Although A DIAO by Angela Chang is my favorite of all the songs you've shared with us

I downloaded the song as I want to listen to it again (I hope that's okay)

here's my entry

I brought in some contest lovers too.
@deeclown @burlarj @prechyrukky @deeclown @peakreal1 @sola3097 @druids @iamchijamz @desmoniac @ladywayne1 @ihamquentin @eddie23 @Mamuda @neddie @awolesigideon @adeniyi @jo5h @oredebby @jaybhe @itoroarchibong @botefarm @swizzyl @bunmi1 @loladelolz

[guys, please add '@iamthegray sent me' so I can get some bonus SBI)

@iamthegray sent me

Hello. You need to enter for the referral to count.

Thanks for the entry. I'm glad you liked "A Diao" - it's a great song with excellent vocal technique. I'll have more songs soon - but this contest :)

This is my entry for the contest


My friend @malos10 invited me to join in the contest

Entry noted. Good luck!

Damn, this song has a good vibe to it, i would have appreciated it more if i understood the language.

Anyway here is my post

Oh and @iamthegray told me about this. So i am going to tag others

@thelovejunkie @mosunomotunde @sushie @adejoke16 @adoore-eu @akintunde @emekacollins @pangoli @botefarm @danielsaori

Pls let indicate that i tagged you.

  ·  last year (edited)

Entry noted. I'm glad you liked the song.

Hello @eturnerx i never saw this much of bounty on posts with a simple and lovely contest so that everyone can participate in it.the concept u choosed is wonderful so that everyone can share their national flags ... and here is my entry when i am supporting to my cricket team during the match between IND vs WI I love my country

And i forgot to say i loved the song and her voice is similar to becky g.. is she from korea?

I would like to my friends, my motivators and supporters to this...


Thank you
Yours @summisimeon

Thanks for your entry. Ziruza is from Khazakstan.

Entry noted. Good luck.

Entry noted. Good luck.

Hello @eturnerx this is @jojivenna03 I just joined steem it recently and this is my first post on steem it . My friend said about the contest and brought me here to participate in the project.
The picture I am sharing was clicked by me it was shot on my phone on a wonderful night.The flag I shot is the biggest flag in our city.Its been a privelage to participate in this.My friend @summisimeon told me about this contest i am glad that he referred me.You can see the pic here
I am very happy to participate in this contest hope u like the picture,by the way I liked the song ,I downloaded it so that I can listen to it quite often.Once agian thanqyou for the bounty and the contest.Hope you are doing well

Yours @jojivenna03

Entry noted. I'm glad you liked the song. 1 SBI sent to welcome you to steem (not from the prize pool). @summisimeon will show you around :)

Hahaha I want to see all those photos in instagram. I will follow the #.

Will I join the contest? It gives me a little pity.

Please do join the contest - so far there's not been many entrants and everybody will win something!

Hi @eturnerx . One of my friend( @prince121 ) invite me to attend your so interesting contetst. Just i am fill up your condition. Here is my entry :
My photo with a monkey mask . Show it in instagram

I challenge the following people :


Thanks for your entry!

Namaste. 1 SBI sent for your entry. Please encourage your tagged friends to enter and write your name - so far there isn't much competition for the referrer prizes. :)

  ·  last year (edited)

Hello @eturnex,

Here's my entry

@iamthegray sent me. So I'm also referring my friends to participate in this.


Please also add that @eddie23 sent me!

Entry noted.

Hii @eturnerx this is my entry for the contest!!

i also called some friends to join the contest ❤ hopefully they will attend the call

Entry noted. Yes, you have one referred right now, which certainly puts you in the running for the referrer prizes.

this is my entry for this contest
My friend @mediawizards invited me to join in the contest

yeap good ✅

now she need to verify! 💖

Hi. Your picture doesn't have the tags #ziruzasos #1840 . Please add the two to your entry and then respond to this comment and I'll check again.

I do. please check again.

Yep, looks good. Entry noted. Good luck!

Hi My friend!

This is my entry for the contest

My friend @malos10 invited me to join in the contest

Entry noted.

Entry noted.

  ·  last year (edited)

One of my stemian friend @maxi01 invite me to join your contest.. I resteemed your post for my followers .
Here is my instagram link :

I invite my friends :

Your link seems to be missing. Please edit your comment.

Its mistake.. Now fix my instagram link @eturnerx

Thanks! Entry noted.

Hi there @eturnerx! You have a cool way of promoting the new song through your contest. Great idea! Here is my entry:

Flavors of the Philippines

Thank you. 😊

Entry noted. Glad you liked the song and contest.

Great contest you have going on here my friend. I just wanted to get a message to you though. Please check your

Thank you so much. -Dan

Hi. I don't really do (trying to reduce my social media footprint to something more manageable), but yeah. I've followed @travel-reports. My autovoters doesn't support curation account resteems yet, but contact me again in a few months. I hope you are doing well.

Thank you! I am doing well and I hope you are too! :)

I know I am the last person to upload he's contest and I believe my sketch would be one of the best

Entry noted. Great to see you showed up :) I'll be running a similar contest soon.

Entry noted. Good luck in the contest.

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  ·  last year (edited)

Hi @eturnerx my name is @salomijale nice to meet u sir.i would like to participate in your contest. @summisimeon sent me here
Actually i didnt have instagram and for this contest i crwated my account and posted a pic with our national flag.this is link for my entry
Thank you for initiating such a nice bounty

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Hello. Your link is not working so I cannot verify your entry. Please fix this before the contest post pays out - which is soon.

Okay. The link is working now. Entry noted. Good luck.

Thank you sir

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  ·  last year (edited)

Not really my music to be honest but still can see me dance to it like hell drunk in the club 🙈. I do not own a Instagram account so I'm not able to participate but damn nice prizepool.

Also do a 72h recurring SBI raffle:

The only way I can contribute to this is that I will tell my roommate @yougotresteemed to resteem this to his 10.5K followers so more can enter this awesome contest!

Great work!

Please do drop your SBI raffle link here. If you'll allow me to cross-promote my/this contest in a comment, on your raffle post then I would be most grateful.
Your 72 hour raffle is on the list of SBI contests right? If so it might one day win another of my less regular contests.

Thanks and sure thing please do cross-promote.

I hope so. What list do you mean?

The list published on the @steembasicincome blog. You're on that list.

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Pretty exciting contest...unluckily i never part of instagram neither i am in i am already out of the contest

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Keep checking back - I run different contests every couple of weeks.

Thanks for the heads up....followed you..👍

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You got a 55.56% upvote from @luckyvotes courtesy of @minnowpond!

Right now I have an existential doubt, because I´ve never used Instagram to post (only follow :D ). But the prize is so good and I would love to be a part of it!

Btw I´ve heard it once, for now, and I must say that since I´ve found your content I´m really liking to learn more about this type of music, especially considering that I don´t understand shet about what she´s singing.

Hi. Be brave and just enter. :)
I can sometimes find translations of lyrics, but I try to pick music where you don't need to understand the words.

I might. It will depend on how much I love the photo for the contest :D
Exactly, I understand that, and let me tell you, you have been doing a great job...

Thanks. I'm not expecting much from the photo.

can i make entry in 3 to 4 days? i need to arrange flag or other national symbol etc.

  ·  last year (edited)

Any time before the top post pays out. I'm checking refferals at the end - so you can start referring now. You can draw your national flag / symbol on a piece of paper.

got it

It doesn't have to be a flag. You'll see some entrants have worn a national team's sport's jersey. You could wear some other kind of national costume. Or, even write the name of your country. I don't want this to be too hard.

Excellent! If you can get your friends to enter too - that would be awesome. The referrer prizes are big and so far look easy to win.

Yes I am trying to get them.

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  ·  last year (edited)

This is going to be interesting sirrr!! There are BIG prizes inside of this contest!! i will be joining really soon and inviting all my friends too!!

PD: i loved the song!! that rythm is kinda trap!

Good luck to everyone participating! Thanks for supporting the Steem community @eternerx!

Thanks! Pls help me spread this contest around to the minnows. Every valid entrant will get something: at least an upvote and a share of the steem-bounty.

NOTICE: This contest has ended. See if I have any more running by checking my blog.