#piratesunday a @steembasicincome contest

Captain K needs your Help! We are offering a reward to who can tell us the tale of Hephaestus and this copper skull!
The basis of the contest:
For a look at the pour at the pour of this awesome skull

As a smithin' god, Hephaestus made all the weapons for the gods in Olympus. He served as the blacksmith to the gods, and was worshipped by the manufacturing industrial centers of Greece.
The Greek myths and the Homeric poems sanctified in tales that Hephaestus had a special power to produce motion in his metal.
It is said that Hephaestus could not destroy what he created and in order So that no one would possess them he buried them in spots around the world. This Skull be believed to be part of that legend. Now that Captain K has acquired this Copper Skull, he must begin a new journey o' learn the powers bestowed upon it by Hephaestus
Here is the Treasure that Captain K has found
The Lost Copper skull of Hephaestus:

The Contest:
Captain K needs your Help! We are offering a reward to who can tell us the tale of Hephaestus and this copper skull!

The Winner will get the payout from this post and 1 SBD sponsorship to @steembasicincome.
To learn more about this social experiment to provide every steemian with basic income

To win the booty -you must create a steemit post with your version of a fictional story of the
The adventures of Captain K!

You must put a link to this contest in your post and Paste a link of your post in the comments of this post to be entered. All entries will be judged by Captain K, @dixiesilverminer and Dixiesilvergirl. The winner will be announced when the post pays out.
The Winner will get 1 SBD sponsorship to @steembasicincome we have given out 30 SBI SHARES SO FAR! We would love to give one to you!!
To learn more about this social experiment to provide every steemian with basic income
As always We are very excited to present this weeks entries for your reading pleasure!
Before we begin the contest we would like to challenge anyone with a great reading voice to make a recording or video of one of the stories being read aloud! These are too good to keep to ourselves and would love to share them with a larger audience. So submit your recording and you will also get a share of @steembasicincome

Before we get to the entries and the winner we want shout out to @Stokjockey the OG Pirate here on #SSG a huge thank you to you, for getting us all to share a little pirate!!!!!

And here are the entries for this week: H

The winner this week is: @handofzara

We will send the @steembasicincome sponsorship shortly.
The stories grow with each week Captain K and his crew still have so many adventures ahead, We can’t wait to see what is next!!

The Tales of Captain K and the epic adventures keep growing as we learn more about his life his crew, these stories and the travels are leaving us wanting more each week!!

Here is a link to the previous entries we have received:

Here are a few of the characters and locations so far:

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@dixiesilverminer congrats to @handofzara for the great continued storyline!! Thanks you guys so much for enriching the community with this and with the amazing Captain K pirate-verse!!


I have turned my mind to a tale of the skull, I am almost to a point where this story can take a rest not a long one - but perhaps the end of Part 1. Thank you for doing this contest, I almost have a novel!