Goodmorning from my side off the world, it’s raining cats and dogs here so I am postponing my #Wednesdaywalk for now. And decided to enter this contest by @jznsamuel .

You should enter to ! It runs for 24 hours so read with me ......

Task 1 - Tell me what is your most favorite device and why.

Task 2 - Tell me one thing you like or dislike about bees.

Task 3 - Tag a friend's username in your comment.

1. My most favourite device is my magic bullit. I am

making the most delicious soups both cold and warm with it. I can make smoothies. Purées and sauces for pasta. As a working mum I say a must in the kitchen!

2. Beessss let me tell you I love bees. The bumblebee blog from last week proves that. They are so beautiful and detailed it’s a great photography project.


3. I tag @verhp11 @jamerussell @dkkarolien Hope you give a comment on the blog by @jznsamuel to win.

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Good luck with the contest!

Ik ben niet de beste contest organisator

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Greetings! @brittandjosie done participating the link giving above thank you.

You are very welcome, and glad you participated

It is my honor to participate any of your curations @brittandjosie

I have many more but you are busy enough I will tag you when I see something for you

It's my pleasure @brittandjosie thank you.

that is such a lovely gif... alarm-alarm, I could fell in love with that girl :P

Did you know you can also comment with a GIPHY?

for example, !popcorn or !coffee ?.. @brittandjosie

but you cant choose, its always a pure random!

its raining cats and dogs - hahaha

That’s an English saying

hehehe how do you always find these things girliegirl???

win it win it!!

I don’t know, i just do but i am always sharing hahahahha