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MAP Rewarder distributes daily upvotes or SBIs to our delegators - these are bonuses on top of the weekly distribution of rewards. I think this has worked well and will continue until further notice.

To make these posts more interesting, I shall also post a quote, video or news item related to developments in the blockchain and cryptocurrency space.

Today is a Free SBI Share from @accelerator through @steembasicincome.

To qualify, you must be a delegator to MAP Rewarder; more details at Delegating to MAP Rewarder: Benefits for Small SP Accounts.

There you can read about the whole philosophy behind the bonuses offered to delegators; larger delegators obviously receive higher weekly payouts in STEEM terms, but smaller delegators can receive far more in percentage terms.

News of the Day

Allaire said that if sovereign money went onto the internet in a way where people didn’t need a third party to hold their assets safely and they could trade with anyone on the planet quickly, then “they wouldn’t want to go back.”

Once that happens, everyone will want to use the most stable currencies, which will mean reserve currencies. That, he predicted, will threaten governments that don’t have reserve-status money.

Quoted in: The IMF Talks the Future of Cryptocurrencies - Video and Thoughts

Today's Winner

Today's winner is: @simplymike


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Please note that the minimum delegation is now 30 SP. Any delegations below 30 SP will not be accepted.
This change took place on Monday 18 March 2019.

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