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RE: Introducing the Steem Business Alliance

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Is it also meant for conventional / commodity business that intend to utilize the Steem (SBD) tokens / currency for let say a purchase of offered goods? Let say i want to put up a coffee shop that will sell a cup of coffee for 3 SBD. Or SBA is only meant to support businesses that involves frontend development, web app, or business for digital assets?


This is a very interesting point @funtraveller. I would propose that the scope of the SBA should also be to assist already established businesses that are selling products. I am sure that there will be a way to enlist members of the community to help expand a business such as this one!

Thanks! In past year I have seen Steemians who really setup local business that tried to utilize Steem tokens for any purchase of their tangible products. Let me cite @danielwong's Big hug burger, I wonder how do SBA look at this kind of initiative? If a cafe/bistro/local business can on-board someone/group of people through a purchase of their product, will it be a kind of project that will make sense with SBA?

I hope to hear some progress to SBA soon and how will it develop to address onboarding and retention. Exciting times ahead for Steem.

Everything you need for onboarding (sign up) is [here}( You can even earn a commission for each sign up you make

Thanks for the info, I heard about you before but have not really thought of a way to on-board users until now. I will definitely think about it and learn.

If the SBA can provide such businesses with easier access to the necessary information and resources required to integrate this with their normal business then that would be within the desired scope of activities.