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Thanks to your great support we will stay alive for another month.
STEEM price is getting lower and our only income is in STEEM. We are paying about $250/month for running steemauto and by this price ($0.35), we should pay about 700 STEEM for the next month. It is a lot of STEEM!

I'm working on the new version of steemauto and I think that will be ready in 1 month. I'm building a better business plan to pay its costs.
I think we can continue running steemauto with the help of your daily upvotes and a little income from the steemauto.

Possible changes to convert steemauto from a free to a freemium application:

  • Limiting fanbase and curation trail for free users
  • Allowing premium users to schedule posts for more than one week
    or adding beneficiary reward for longer periods
  • Charging trail owners
  • Adding some new freemium features

These changes are not implemented yet and we can change them. Write your suggestions in the comments.

I want to keep all of the features free for our regular users and charge them just for overusing steemauto.
I appreciate your suggestions. Let's make this page full of great comments.


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You are providing a great service.

Would taking one vote a day proportionate to numbers in fanbase etc work at all financially?

Bringing in Groupings in Fanbase would be extremely useful by the way...

Many thanks

I know it tough days for Steemit developers and also for the coz of the lower prices but we should not lose hope and stay here :)

What ever it takes to keep the project functioning!

Full Support from #OneLoveDTube!

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Much appreciated

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Hey @mahdiyari, it would be great to be able to follow a Curation Trail's upvotes on comments. Comments are currently excluded, I'd love that feature included (perhaps optional).

Edit: An option to allow Curation Trail's self upvotes could be introduced too.

Those are two key features I'm currently interested in.

I'd love to hear your thoughts.


Of course. I will work on that options.

Congratulations @steemauto!
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I think you do a daily update on the Steemauto. That could raise some STEEM for maintenance of the platform.