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source=my camera

It was not a very easy process for me to set up. I think I was overconfident because I have used Steemconect before. There are ? marks to help figure out the steps. The autovoting is working and I have already been making some changes to it.

I was a little nervous about this but I think I will be OK.
source=my camera

I did set up a curation trail in case anybody is interested.

I'm hoping my curation rewards go way up. Last week I think I only earned about 2.423 Steem but hopefully I can double or triple that.


@whatsup had a good point. The hardfork effects are not really here yet.
"The Reward Pool is based on averages and the downvoting and lack of bidbot usage hasn't been averaged in yet. A week after HF21 the first payouts will begin to happen and the adjustments will start. Yet they still will change as people use the site differently,"

Saturday 8-31

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Yes, let use know how the curation trail thing works out for you. So far I have only made a 'fan' list to auto upvote.

How long have you been doing autovoting? I dunno if anyone will sign up for my trail but I figured I would make one.

I just started using it after you posted about it.

I thought so. lol I'll have to check your curation rewards in like 6 days to see how you do.
Are you going to try delegating to Booster?

You really can't trust what's up, she flip flops more than constituents at a Romney convention.

This is the extremely complicated Steem blockchain so the information she is getting and the happenings do change. At first I thought this hardfork was a complete disaster and now I am not sure.

She's more an insider than an outsider. That became apparent awhile back when she said she could see what's coming down the front end on the blockchain, you can't do that unless you are an insider. I just decided to stop following her, I really can't take all that anymore. Playing on both sides the fence, not that one has to take sides it's just hard to watch someone play sympathizer then spring forward all gung ho towards something that hurt so many people on here. I'd just feel better not being subjected to that kind of two face-ry.

She's kind of an insider but I could have been an insider if I wanted to spend 100 to 1,000 ours on Discord. You could too but I've probably already spent way too much time on Steemit.

The HF has good things. But the none linear reward thing is a disaster.

Maybe. I will have to wait for things to go into effect to make a decision. I think the newbies will do horrible but they don't buy any Steem anyways.

Also most clueless people will lose out but if you are serious about something it seems like you would bother to try and figure out how it works.

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