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What is Steem Apps

Steem Apps is a project which is collecting data of apps on Steem and displaying it in a ranking, to showcase the power and usage of Steem and its apps. (More Info)

Many Steemians would agree that this is currently one of the most promising projects to get the word, about Steem, out into the world.

And well, this task request would be an important asset to the growth of Steem Apps.

The goal for this task request project is for a discord-bot which is able to fetch data from the API of Steem Apps and display useful statistics and data. (Top 5 Apps, etc.)


The main programming language should be Javascript/Typescript.

The supported queries should include:

  • TOP X Apps
    • For specific categories
    • For specific types (app, dapp, interface)
    • Sorted by different parameters (dau, tx, volume_steem volume_sbd, rewards_steem, rewards_sbd)
    • Sorted by time (last_day, last_week, last_month)

As Steem Apps is currently in alpha, more parameters will be added over time, so it would be great if this project were to be considered as longterm.


2 weeks


Via discord: https://discord.gg/HQatBRe (therealwolf#8970)

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Thanks for the task request, @therealwolf! Steem Apps is definitely a very cool project, so I hope you can find someone who can write this Discord bot for you. Is there a reason why it has to be written in JavaScript? I'm just wondering as I've seen many Utopian contributors also write Discord bots in Python for example, so not limiting it to a specific language may help you find someone sooner. Regardless, good luck finding someone!

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Thank you! @petertag has volunteered for the task request already :)

And regarding in JavaScript: I'm most advanced personally in JS and want to have the option to improve it myself if need be.

It's great that you found someone already! Also that makes complete sense, not sure why I didn't think of that, haha.

And regarding the discord bots in python: I've built one in python myself, because I was better with it at the time, and found that while it was pretty easy to use examples to code it, documentation was pretty sparse.

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Thank you for your review, @amosbastian! Keep up the good work!

Could be interested, will you be hosting it though? My Pi's a bit loaded and I won't be setting up more til January at least.

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Yes, of course. I'll host it.

Cool, I'll pick this up then if it's still open. Working on an app in typescript right now so I'll go with that instead of vanilla js. Gonna be driving back to KC tomorrow but after that will have plenty of time to work on it

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Ok great! Typescript is perfect (prefer it as well over vanilla js)

Let's chat on discord for details.

How do you create this frames :)
They look awesome.

I'd love to watch this get implemented. But I think @banjo (my discord bot) should also implement it too. Or maybe I'll add it to cosgrove (which will make it work in banjo). Either way, it's not exactly what you're looking for because a) banjo is close-source and b) although cosgrove is open-source, it's written in ruby.

Interesting, but I'd prefer to have it as a lean open-source bot. Appreciate the idea though!

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Well this is an interesting addition.
With Steem Apps these different apps on Steem might be able to know where they are going and what people like the most, creating more competition.
This is awesome buddy, well done :)

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  1. Is there any bounty for this task?
  2. What if more than one developer create this bot?

I think I could do this, but I will be focused on EtherSteem for next week.

  1. ) Not a bounty, as it's a project for an open-source project, which will be rewarded via utopian anyway.
    2.) My understanding is that people interested will contact me and then one of them can do it.

Hi @therealwolf, first congratulations for this wonderful job! :)
I don't see @dsound on Steem Apps, why?
@share2steem link is off, the new one is share2steem.io

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