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After the initial launch of Steem Apps just 4 days ago (phew, time flies) I've worked 'round the clock to improve both the UI and logic/tech-side (this took way longer).

I have also planned to release a post (today/tomorrow), going deeper into the tech-side of Steem Apps, but in this post, I'm going over what has changed since the initial launch.

Let me start start with a pretty cool new feature.

You're now able to filter based on App Type. Right now, there are 3 different types: app, dapp and interface.

While it's not easy to seperate between those three, I've tried my best to make it as accurate as possible, but if you feel that an app has the wrong type, please let me know.

Now with that said, here is the new feature in action:

Pretty cool, right?

Daily Average Users

Next up, one of the most taunting things I've been working on is the correct calculation of the Daily/Weekly/Monthly Average Users (DAU).

Initially, I was calculating it without checking for uniqueness of users between different types of transactions (transfer, benefactor_reward, custom_json, etc.) and between weeks & months.

For the 24 hour metrics, most data were very accurate, but for the rest, not so much. Since other services (like State of the Dapps) are relying on the correctness of the API, this was something I've been working on as fast as possible.

More Detailed DAU Calculations

I also implemented DAU calculation based on benefactor rewards (which makes @steempress user numbers quite accurate).

On top of that, I also added DAU calculation for outgoing transfers (previously it was only incoming). This is important for apps like Peakmonsters,, Minnowbooster, etc.

I'll go more into depth about the whole DAU calculation the next tech-post - but you're probably noticing that interfaces have actually higher numbers (via voting & passive reading). Right now, I'm not able to get this data pinned to a specific app, but maybe in the future.

Rank Algorithm

Calculating the ranks is not easy, but I've increased the weight of unique active users and reduced the weight of transactions, volume & rewards.

One goal is it to bring the human element into the rank algorithm as well.

API Documentation

Since there were some changes in the calculations, the API documentation also changed a bit. More specific: some parameters are different.

So if you're using the API, make sure you check it out:

What's next?

As I initially wrote in the announcement post, there is quite a lot planned for Steem Apps.

  • Version 1.1
    • Add all remaining apps, dApps & interfaces
    • Improve data for existing apps (More about this further below)
    • Improve algorithm for rank-calculation
    • Add more data-points (post-payouts, ...) for apps
    • Contact sites like, & co. for a listing of Steem Apps (possibly via API endpoint)
    • Fix Bugs

  • Version 1.2
    • Add detail pages for Apps (for detailed overview and more data)
    • Implement search engine
    • Implement submit a formula for easier App-onboarding
    • Create a stats overview for all Apps & Steem
    • ... and more

  • Version 1.3
    • Currently, STEEMSQL is being used, but the goal is to leverage a private node to get all the data
    • ... and more

The main goal that connects everything is to build the best website possible to showcase the value of Steem and also make it easier for 3rd party websites to integrate Steem data.

Also, apps will be listed as soon as the submit-form is implemented. Doing it manually takes too much time and is not effective enough.

Github Links

Next time I'll make a PR - forgot about it this time

Frontend > Github Commits 19.12.2018:

Backend > Github Commits:

All the best,


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  • Good article, awesome project. Good use of animated gif.
  • My preference is to see code sample and explanation of coding choices in development posts, this feels more like a blog post.
  • I evaluated the frontend code based on the last 24 hour changes:
  • You use a lot of one letter variable names, think of replacing those by more meaningful ones, better for humans.
  • Commit messages are a bit vague, could use more comments in the code.

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Thanks for the evaluation!

I'll work on creating more accurate variable-names.


Thank you for your review, @helo! Keep up the good work!

Great work! :)
Thanks for your effort.

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Appreciate it! Doing what I can to bring value to Steem.


I think Steem Apps is bringing value because it is a place where you can see all steem Apps and also later you can compare them to other Apps from other legosets such as steem. :)

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Amazing effort @therealwolf

Considering though that those numbers are accurate the number of daily active users is way below the 60K mark that I read about in various statistics, right?


Yes, that's because there is no way to tell which app created a specific vote or a specific transfer. This is something apps like Steemit, Steempeak, Esteem or Partiko have to do (for example via custom_jsons, so I could query and display it). Or we create a hard-fork and add this metadata to all transactions, which would increase the RC costs of transactions.


Hard fork? Oh no no. Apart from all the trouble, that would also suggest closed wallets on exchanges etc.

Those numbers reflect on real time?

So if an account makes one upvote per day, does that count as being a user in those stats?

Great work!


Thank you. There is no way to tell which app created a specific vote or a specific transfer.


So these upvotes are not taking in account in the numbers then?



Great Work Wolf :)

whats the distinctive difference between an app and a dapp?


Good question, I'm also curious!

Great show thank u for sharing that

Nice one Wolf, just voted you as a witness (surprised I'm just doing so)

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I think partiko is good app for Steemit

im so happy becouse steemit #1


Haha Steemit is the worst of them all ;)

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Thank you for your amazing work!

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I can't say it often enough, I'm thrilled by your commitment to Steem. That's what motivates me so much. Thank you!

@therealwolf You could also remove Share2Steem and add @discutio :)

looks great. Appreciate the work here.

I'll go more into depth about the whole DAU calculation

That will be great. We need to define and also list the operations that is counted towards unique DAU.

Hi, I'm new to steem and I really enjoyed the content. I do not understand the witness process. What do you get with it?

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Great work

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Good job. Thank you for development continuous.

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Can you explain what's the main difference between app and dapp?
I mean there are dapps and apps as well so it's kinda confusing.