This is it: no more excuses! Please register to vote for the Foundation Proposals NOW!

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I wrote about this 6 days ago, but due to a (short) extended deadline I feel like I want to try to give this one last push: register to vote for the Foundation Proposals!

In a very short summary: the Steem Alliance is arranging via a community selected Working Group a collection of proposals for a Steem Foundation. This Foundation might become responsible for some funds we as a community could use to support initiatives (can be anything) on the Steem Blockchain.

Picture from the @steemalliance post: Attention Community - Here Are Your Choices | Final Structure Proposals That Will Go To The Vote

How? I have no idea what this is about!


Check out the interview from @coruscate with @llfarms: might be the most 'fun' way to get informed on what this is all about!


Head over to the last call post from @steemalliance and go through the proposals. Some of the original 'teams' have combined their efforts and made one overall proposal. What this means is: less reading!


Go to DPoll and cast your vote. This vote is ONLY a 'registration vote'. Without this you have no say over which proposal is going to win. Because there were some worries about 'stake weighted voting' they capped the stake weight, so even if your vote is smaller it really does count.

Now, that wasn't so hard, was it? You can even for now only do Step 3 and vote to register. And read everything else later. Just make sure you don't miss that registration because every vote counts and the more Steemians want to have a say in this, the better.

Extra research opportunities:

DEADLINE: April 8th, 11:59 PM UTC. This is about 3 days away. Just don't postpone this thing. The registration itself can be done in 30 seconds. Just do it.

Thank you!

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I'd already registered.... but I've just resteemed this in the hopes that might get some extra viability :)


Wh00p! That's very much appreciated! The more register the better :-) Thanks!

Yay! Thanks so much for doing this and helping to get the word out! ❤️


\0/ Thanks so much for all that you're doing!

Thanks for the mention! Let’s get the word out! 💪🏻


Thanks for doing the interview! Some people like to read, other to listen/watch :-) That stuff really helps! Made it easier for me to share this 'again' :-) Cheers!

Done-diddly-done :)


Yesss! Well done! \o/

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Thank you!!! <3

@soyrosa and @llfarms are the queens of normie talk, been putting off my vote because I'm too lazy to read through the technical and convoluted proposals. But lets suck it up and put on my big boy pants and do my part for steem shall we


LOL! Well, Oracle did put out a task to make a objective comparison chart that should be done by the time election starts.. hopefully that will help.

I do feel the proposal teams did do a better job at explaining things a bit more clear in the most recent drafts. Some link back to more of the technical side of it in separate posts etc while just giving a bit of an overview in these.

Thanks for the compliment.. and I mean.. soyrosa is my Steem soulmate so it does make sense ❤️

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I finally got around to registering last night after listening to @llfarms rant about it. :D

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Ok. Done. There are very few who have registered and it currently sits at 419. Hopefully it will receive a lot of users registering at the last minute. I know it is important and we should all know what is going on. Will catch up with the oracle-d post when it comes out. Thanks for highlighting this and will let others know who I chat with.

Registered - Thanks for bringing this to our awareness!

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