Steemmonsters daily reward card giveaway is back.

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It's been a few days since I did my last @steemmonsters giveaway, so I thought I'd start it off again.

Today's splinter: WATER

I won a few, I lost a few.... I managed to complete my DQ with out any really fuss. I should have been paying some more attention to the game and probably would ha e won a few more matches, but with 1/2pint running around pretending to be a "power ranger", I got a little distracted.

I'm still in silver league 1 so it's only 4 DQ cards today, but if you want them just simply drop a comment.


If you want the chance of getting a card from my DQ, simply leave a comment, that's it, NO UPVOTE REQUIRED. But if you really want to and if your staking the #steemace tokens "GG" please drop an upvote, I love the stuff.


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I had Water too. Not my favourite splinter ^^

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Congratulations you got the goblin mech

We will see what I get when I get off work, I prefer Fire and Earth, but keep getting stuck with Life and Death

Congratulations you got the rusty android

I started the day with a Death quest, but I don't seem to be able to field as good of teams there. I ended up switching to Earth and got it done.

Congratulations you got the undead minotaur

Hey, that's cool. Thanks!

Mine was also with water ☺

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Congratulations you got the creeping ooze