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“How I hate you," he said softly. "If hate were stone I could build a tower into the clouds.”

― Jack Vance, The Gray Prince

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  1. The Burning, 16 : finding out the x/y position to open up a context menu relative to the player/unit in 3d on the map but digging up carrier pigeons ... medieval-ish dark fantasy being what it is i dont think you get to see whats in the next city or settlement or camp or square if your range of vision is limited to 5km² . So - messengers on horseback are one thing . Carrier pigeons another ... flight duration, max range and max weight carried and plenty more i guess it should be able to "update" the map status in zones where one has control or allies but that are outside of the actual field of view (taking it too far you say ? well ... when i see a future open in at least one timeline ill take it closer again then ...)
  2. The Burning, 16 : for some reason booting up and running the client now sits at a nice 30fps , transparent hex overlay included where it was 25 yesterday and i didn change anything between . At lest we can relon computing to provide the exact same result in a world of madness, humans and Ctulhu. Rendering buttons for the context menu next i suppose first look for an acceptable relative to the screensize size . Dam' its hot
  3. The Burning, 16 : hexagon maps and overlays - point calculation and i hope hex-texture generation as required in prepper-phase ... buttons dont seem to work but i would almost forget we have blender for that , fog of war functions, resources can be recognized from maptiles , both keyboard and mouse/touch work so i think i can start at the context menu but all things considered what i had for washed-up beach in the phaser version wont apply since that would be like a sub-sub item depending on the situation. PC acting funny since last time i went online too but you know, thats just me being paranoid since i am the lunatic. (ofcourse :)
  4. The Burning, 13 : trade-offs ... shovelling chunks ... theres certain conditions where modifiers 'related to' would have a negative impact on fog of war radius which basically makes the player blind as it wouldnt see the tile it stands on, see that's trade-offs, where we assume all men are created not-blind and can start life in hell like that, for one thing ... this thing will teach me more filosophy than i thought ... although the idea of starting a blind player as a choice has appeal - tabletop d&d for instance roleplay-wise very interesting to play if you have a good GM and you can place yourself in the mind of but for a video game i doubt its practical to play on a totally black screen where you see nothing lol ... so that's gonna be a max negative modifier on fog of war of zero then ... see, dearie ? i am such an evil person when im left to do my thing
  5. The Burning, 13 : truly and really ... if star citizen takes seven years to get to where it is with a full studio behind it ? (but they DO have a patreon page so its not what is commonly known as AAA+ but started from a hobby ... most likely someone with a non-broken head in a situation where he could focus) ... then still and more, 2150 looks like the very earliest option, the more i get the more i get to do - even simple stuff like fog of war, albeit simple, implementing with a broken head ...it works, my bitwise flagging directly in memory chunks (well, one tile is one tile, precious, not five or two or 3.14) but i still dont know what caused the 1st error which i havent seen again that caused it to all be zero by the time it got processed, using the same math so i have no clue (truly) - and i notice something else, every now and then : the 2D bit sticks to a standard(default) resolution while the rest (the proverbial 3d bit) seems to use the set resolution and thats happenstance ... every once in a while and thats not good either ... so, if by 2150 aubrey de grey gave me some stemcelltherapy so i can go another century - it might yet come to pass. if you want crApps , the crappstore is full of them :p (no offense, everyone's gotta eat ...) in the meantime ... but theres certainly some jewels out there
  6. The Burning, 13 : im feeling about exactly like i felt last year this time ... blocked and too painful to do anything - but i managed about five lines of code again. writing direct to memory with single bits for flags and data seems like the way to go but i had an error i can't recreate. And - thing is, it didnt store the altered data AND NOW IT DOES ... and i have no idea why, and thats not good since errors have to be able to be recreated or theres something vissig under da hood, which is not good, but i need it for my epic - i'm fog-thin and made of pain from the shoulders up ... this is great for the mood .. and absolute not frustrating to get nothing done and be unable to think. You think youd get used to that ... but not. Only good thing (which isnt good) is that i might be so de-funct atm that i missed a stupid protozoan error, otherwise, things that leak through in reserved chunks of memory makes things quite un-usable. I'll put the bet on me being defunct and half-blind atm ... yea it gets on my eyes , its literal brainfog down to the vision and me resisting causes what i think adrenalin which makes me kinda , hmm ... well, to other people if there were around ... adrenaline-ish ... its all very nice , all fun and games, as always, for the last ... i cant remember :) good, but keep it game, keep it game
  7. The Burning, 12 : its not standing still but certainly slowed down again (which was expected and predicted as lockdown becomes less and mental noise more. placement, resources, fog of war, keys + mouse/touch (assuming a tablet can handle the data and screenload but its not handheld-in-mind) I mostly find myself googling on sedimentary rocks (and stuff) all i read gives me great hope "star citizen in alpha for seven years" lol (terminology i wont be keeping since im an amateur, hobbyist and more of een vedett than a developer). Ofcourse having stopped @goldmanmorgan on steemit there hasnt been one letter of code on that part and subsequently not too much on the website. The struggle is atm : hex-maps (again) where i had a thing that worked in phaser, that was more like a 'workaround', the theory i have with all c++ examples is a bit more complex and i would like to try and do it 'right' from the start for the client, so i can have all included like line of sight and what not since it will be serverside for that (= no cheating unless youre already inthere) but it doesnt really look like 1st years algebra and the state of my head being , well, pf, distracted is a very euphemistic, friendly word - id say closer to chaotic (nothing to do about, too many impulses from stray alpha-waves, it was bound to happen unless the virus killed half the planet , heh ..) - which no one ever takes seriously , like all the rest until its too late but its already too late so ... due to that i also have a hard time being hard-pressed (and no clue what to put on patreon as im not sure about legalities) ... so, u hoort nog van ons ...
  8. The Burning, 9 : AAARGH ... the thing is lacking in the multidimensional array stuff for what i need and due to too much javascripting and php (which are actually very much alike imo) i think ive been conditioned one-way too much + im always looking for these "cant i do that in one line" bits and ofcourse not in basic, even a lowlevel type (lowlevel type basic lol, what will they think of next) ... memblocks ? no idea ... no association so maybe just two, thing is memory, although it wont matter really on a pc - its prettier if i dont reserve 400 or 800 spaces when i might only need 1 to 5 filled up ... so unless i can trim that since i cant find .insert to work with arrays in arrays and im not even sure it would and i dont know if starting c++ from scratch and wrapping that around it is a good idea either since due to the circumstance again i can barely think as is ... hmmmmm
  9. The Burning, 8 : object selection and mousepointering in 3D-space seems to work (its the amazing ME!) some more digging i think ill put one tile up at 5km² for keep-it-easy purpose and now ... fog of war shouldnt be too hard to implement but after that its context menus for the actions ... that should be YO-lo ... but the fun bit .. i had a complete thing with hexagons for battle-encounters made in phaser < - > php @ server and im gonna have to re-do that BUT ... this version might be better , well im gonna try to ... then i need context menus for inventory and for charactersheet (which is not like 10 print contextmenu(choice1,2,3) actually ... aaaaand if aaaaal of that functions ... well then i need map movement and stuff behind and below every context item aaaaand if aaal that works then maybe i can start filling in some content, so may the lockdown last long , its doing me right


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