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War clash of clans
New concept when talking about Clan Wars:

BASIC WAR means your home on a war map. The war base is not a village. Base war is your home on a war map, and this village is your home in a normal game. for example, your village is not trapped during a war day, but the basis of your war is not. You don't donate troops to friendly villages during the preparation day, you donate troops to a friendly war base. You don't defeat enemy villages in war, but you defeat enemy war bases, etc. etc.

Important information
What is a clan war? How do they work?
A clan war is a strategic battle between two clans. There are two phases in clan war, preparation day and battle day. each participant can attack twice during the battle day. At the end of the war, the clan that produces the most stars from attack wins the clan war.

each clan member who makes a successful attack during the clan war will get some bonus loot, but only the winning clan will receive a big loot bonus. Clan war is free to start and participate in, and, unlike normal multiplayer battles, clans can choose if and when they want to go to war. The clan does not have to participate in tribal wars.

What happened to my village during the clan war? does my village go to war or is it safe?
Your village is always safe from clan war attacks because of clan wars fighting in different areas of the usual game: war zone. In war zones, players prepare and attack base bases are not their ordinary villages. This village's resources, trophies and shields were never at risk during the clan war.

Where can I find clan war?
If you are in a clan, you can access the clan war at any time through the clan war button in the lower left corner of your screen (a button with two swords crossed). From here, the new clan war can be started by clan leaders and co-leaders, and you can participate in or spectate any ongoing clan wars. If a clan war is underway, pressing this button will take you directly to the war zone map.

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