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Second parts were never good, or maybe? When we talk about games for consoles and PCs, we find many examples that comply with that maxim, but there is also a great variety of titles that have managed to overcome the original.

There is no doubt that the great classics that have become cult games laid a foundation that seemed, at the time, impossible to overcome, but the developers have given us more of a surprise to be able to take the original formula and modify it in its right measure, all with the aim of launching a second installment capable of leaving us speechless.

Unfortunately the same has happened in reverse. There are many second parts that tried to innovate and change different aspects of the original and that in the end ended up failing for it, and others that without becoming a failure were far below the first installment.

Super Mario Bros 2


There is no doubt that Super Mario Bros was a mass phenomenon, in fact it became the second best-selling NES game. The first is Super Mario Bros. 3 and, interestingly, Super Mario Bros. 2 is the third best-selling game on that system.

The original delivery sold more than the second, but that is not the only reason why I think Super Mario Bros 2 failed to beat the original. The changes that he introduced at the playable level marked a starting point that was too large that ended up diluting the essence of the well-known Nintendo franchise.

I still remember how he left me when I played it in the early 1990s. I had the feeling that I was playing something totally different, and the experience in general did not end up liking me.

It was not a failure, of that there is no doubt, but it did not surpass Super Mario Bros. Luckily with Super Mario Bros. 3 the great N returned to the right track and put on the market one of the best games in all history.

The Evil Within 2


It has been one of the newly created franchises that I liked the most, and certainly one of the best works of the well-known Shinji Mikami. The first installment completely enchanted me, thanks to its history, its setting, the design of levels and enemies and the gameplay, but the second part left me with conflicting feelings.

It is a good game, I liked it and I enjoyed it, as I told you at the time in the analysis, but did not get it to finish again a second time, something that did achieve the first installment. The changes introduced both at the level of gameplay and setting have their lights and their shadows, but in general it is a game that is one step below the original.

I know what you're thinking, it's your personal opinion, and yes, it is, but the sales of both titles prove me right. The Evil Within was successful enough to give rise to The Evil Within 2, but it did not achieve a good enough sales level for Tango GameWorks to embark on a third installment.

We must not forget, in addition, that The Evil Within received three DLCs, two excellent and one mediocre, while the second installment has only received a free patch to activate the first person mode. If you like terror I recommend both deliveries, but if you can only buy an id for the first "with eyes closed."

Destiny 2


It is one of the games that I have enjoyed most during the last year and a half, in fact I still go almost daily to take a little while and I am sure that I will buy the next expansion, but I think that it has not managed to surpass the original.

First of all an important nuance, and we must make a fair comparison. Destiny is a live franchise, which evolves and improves with each patch and with each DLC, so I want to make it clear that I am valuing both games in their current state, that is, having received a lot of DLCs and updates.

The ambience of Destiny has a more serious, more mature and darker touch, something I miss very much in the second installment. On a technical level there is no doubt that Destiny 2 is superior, but the PS4 version, which is the one I have, looks pretty good despite being an intergenerational title.

At the playable level and character development, both in equipment and skills, I also prefer the mechanics of the original. I don't want to end without saying something important, and with all the DLCs that have received both games I feel that Destiny offers a more complete and profound experience than Destiny 2.



The first time I played DOOM was in the "shareware" version that was distributed for free in 1993 and I was turned on. I could only play it for a few minutes, but it was burned in my head. When I finally had my own PC, it was the first game I installed, and also the one I spent the most hours.

In this case talking about sales does not make much sense. The impact of the original DOOM goes far beyond figures of units sold and revenue, it was a game that laid the foundations of first-person action games and that marked a whole generation, and DOOM II was a simple continuation that kept the original formula, although with some lacks.

In addition to that unique impact that the original DOOM soundtrack had on its launch, the distribution in chapters with completely different locations and settings and the design of the levels are three keys that explain by themselves the superiority of this compared to the second installment .

Shenmue II


Another of my favorite franchises. The original marked a turning point in the sector and became one of the best graphics games of its generation. Despite the limitations that Dreamcast presented, it was incredible to see what SEGA had achieved with Shenmue, a title that reaffirmed the enormous superiority of the system over PS1.

The technical finish, the atmosphere, the history and the gameplay that the original Shenmue presented, get you completely absorbed and encourage you to live the first stage of Ryo Hazuki's history from beginning to end.

With Shenmue II begins the second stage of that story. We leave the hometown of Ryo, Yokosuka (Japan), and move to Hong Kong, which is a major change of atmosphere. It is a leap that SEGA succeeded in making at the technical level, but could not completely maintain the essence of the original.

At the graphic level there are no major improvements, and the same goes for the gameplay and the soundtrack. Yes, Shenmue II was an outstanding game, but it did not surpass the original.


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